3 Problems With Outdated Business Security and How To Fix Them

January 16th, 2018 | by Anica O
3 Problems With Outdated Business Security and How To Fix Them

Business security is a hot topic today, and you may regularly hear about various types of security breaches at larger and smaller companies. Security issues can result in property damage, lost revenue, stolen supplies or equipment, public relations challenges and more. If you want to run a successful and profitable business, you simply cannot afford to overlook the importance of business security. Many businesses today have common security issues related to outdated technology, systems or efforts. These are three of the more common security issues that businesses face today and steps that you can take to address them in your business property.

A Lack of Remote Capabilities

Only a few short years ago, you or members of your team had to physically be on the property to arm and disarm the security system. You also may have needed to be on-site to access video surveillance features. This can dramatically limit how you use your security system and the benefits that it could provide to you. After all, many crimes occur on business properties when nobody else is on-site.

There are now remote capabilities that enable you to activate and deactivate the security system from any location that you desire. There are also capabilities available that enable the remote monitoring of video surveillance systems. This means that you can view your property in real-time regardless of your current location to determine what is actually happening on your property and if you need to contact authorities. Monitored security cameras take a lot of the work out of video surveillance. This type of feature may also help you to identify who criminals are so that they can be held accountable for their actions.

Property Accessibility Issues

Some outdated systems offer minimal accessibility benefits. Many older systems are designed to fully monitor the entire property when the system is turned on. However, all employees may then access all areas inside the building. There are now advanced systems that can provide high-level access to restricted areas without limiting access to lower-level employees who need to work in other areas of the building. Some systems even have unique ID access cards or security codes. Some have biometric sensors, such as a retinal or fingerprint scan. This means that you can always tell which employees are in or out of the building at any given time, and you can enable access to restricted areas only to select individuals.

Limited Focus on Cyber Security

Property security is not the only aspect of security that you need to focus on. Cyber crimes are common, and they can result in liability issues, financial loss and other expensive problems for your company. If you have not already taken steps to safeguard your technology, now is the time to consult with an IT professional. You can transfer your network to a dedicated server rather than a shared server for enhanced security. You can also educate your team about how to select a safe, secure password and how to safeguard work files and documents that may be accessed through their personal devices when they are working remotely. Each step that you take to improve cybersecurity and to deter crimes can have a tremendous impact on your business.

There are many potential threats that the average business faces each day. While it may be impossible to fully prevent all types of crimes from impacting your business, you can focus your attention on these points to improve security overall. Every additional effort you and your team make to secure your property and your data can have substantially beneficial impacts. Spend time analyzing your business’s various risk factors and security issues today, and identify strategic ways to bolster security across all areas of your business that could be implemented soon.