3 Ways To Simplify Accessing Information In Your HR Department

February 22nd, 2018 | by Anica O
3 Ways To Simplify Accessing Information In Your HR Department

Human Resources, or HR, deals with an enormous variety of tasks: time off, payroll, benefits, hiring, terminations, disciplinary actions, performance reviews, and more. They do this across all departments in the company, and in some cases, across multiple locations. This can lead to a lot of information that needs to be pulled together in order to complete a relatively simple task. It’s possible to make this a little easier, however. Here are three ways that you can simplify accessing information in your HR department.

Start Web Recruiting

Studies have shown that using traditional hiring methods, it takes about three months to hire one new employee. With web recruiting, that time can be cut to about 42 days or approximately half the time of traditional methods. How does that simplify accessing information, though? The potential new hire does all the work for you.

Using digital methods to hire puts the work in the applicant’s hands. You digitize your application and other paperwork that needs to be filled out, and the applicant does the rest. They can categorize their skills, qualifications, education, experience, and more so that you don’t have to. When it comes time to start sorting through the applications, you can sort based on their categorizations and see only the applicants that meet the specific requirements you’ve set.

You can also digitize things such as your job description and other information you would include in an ad, so that when you go in search of applicants, you can quickly and easily copy and paste the information into the various sites that you wish to post on, saving time and effort.

Use Tracking Software for Time off

Whether you have a specific paper form, people just put torn off strips of paper or sticky notes on your desk, or send you emails requesting time off, it can get old fast. Trying to keep track of it all, making sure you’re not understaffed, confirming that people have the time available, among other tasks, can make it time-consuming, frustrating, and slow.

With the right tracking software such as a time off manager, however, you can customize it to your specific needs and empower your employees to arrange their time off, keep track of what time they have available, and stop bothering you to arrange time off.

You can often customize software to ensure that it doesn’t allow you to end up understaffed, while also ensuring that employees can easily schedule their own time off and keep track of what time they have available to use. Whether you need multiple levels of approval, multiple types of time off (vacation, sick, paid time off, etc.), You can handle it all digitally and save time, effort, and paper.

Go Online with Payroll

Stop punching paper timecards that require you to spend hours tallying up hours worked, calculating straight time versus overtime, and determining who needs vacation or sick time pay. Use a tracking system for payroll that allows employees to clock in and out on a computer or by simply swiping an employee card through a scanner, and let the system track everything for you.

If you can get everyone on-board with direct deposit, you could go entirely paperless and only need to manually handle payroll if there’s an issue with someone’s pay. With the online system, it would be easy to figure out where the problem was and resolve it, too.

Simplifying information access in today’s world really comes down to going digital, if you haven’t already. This centralizes all your information and makes it accessible from anywhere, anytime. This saves time and effort and at the same time, eliminates many problems.