4 Lessons New Tech Businesses Can Learn From Google

April 13th, 2018 | by Anica O
4 Lessons New Tech Businesses Can Learn From Google

There are lots of lessons that can be learned by studying Google’s business example. The tired and antiquated work environment may not produce the best ideas for your company. Here are some of the lessons that you may be able to apply to your own start up business.

Create Dynamics Spaces

Depending on the size of your startup company, space may be a limiting factor. Not all companies will be able to compete with the square footage of a Google enterprise. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set the same kind of tone. Crave out some space to create environments that may not be seen in the traditional workplace setting. Decorate your break room with a fun and festive theme. You could make it appear as a coffee house setting or add a pool table. This would give your employees a chance to get out of the office without leaving the office.

Focus on Adding Color

Colors make a big difference on the psyche of your workers. One way to do this would be to add colorful architectural sheeting, like that from Perspex, to the outside of your building to set it apart from the surrounding buildings. Paint the interior of your building bright and cheerful colors. You may even want to add accent walls or paint murals of exotic scenes. The point is to change how your employees feel about their work environment. Another thing to consider is adding colorful plants and flowers to bring nature inside.

Encourage Collaborative Efforts

Many offices have a lot of doors and a closed off feeling. Remove the doors and position your employees so that they can interact better. The best way to encourage collaboration is to validate the ideas of your employees. A closed door sends the message that you’re too busy to take the time for their ideas. They may feel intimidated if they have to knock on your door. You may not even be busy, but they may still feel as though they’re interrupting your work.

Look Into Unique Perks

Work hour flexibility and conversation driven meetings may be some of the perks that can appeal to your employees. You want to give your company more of a family feel to it. This can help you to gain employee loyalty and productivity. Your business is only as successful as your employees. Many of the perks that are offered by Google can help your company to be more successful. This can allow you to appeal to a younger set of employees.

The lessons that can be gleaned from Google are that you need to create an environment that encourages employee creativity. A traditional office environment may not be the best place to do so.