4 Things We Shouldn’t Say To Potential Clients

December 2nd, 2014 | by Writer25
4 Things We Shouldn’t Say To Potential Clients

When communicating with potential customers, we should maintain an entirely positive image. It is important to make sure that they walk away and leave us with only good impression. Unfortunately, there are a few things executives and marketers say that could ruin their images:

1. We still have problems with some employees:

Consumers should be convinced that they are working with a company that have healthy working environment. Companies that constantly fire their employees may have problem with their work culture. Clients could also visit our office to see how employees work and whether the working condition feels comfortable.

Problems with employees could cause reduced productivity and this could be risky when clients seek to work with larger projects. Skilled and experienced employees are invaluable assets, so it is necessary for companies make them work comfortably.

2. Sorry I’m late, I had personal matters that I need to attend to:

Details of our personal life is nobody’s business. It isn’t a good idea to mix business and personal matters, because this could ruin our professionalism. Clients and consumers don’t need to hear news that the USG examination shows that our baby is a girl.

3. Our company has some financial issues:

This is clearly a huge faux-pax. This could indicate poor financial management or that we are dead broke. This will ruin any business prospects that potential clients may have in mind. This is like telling everyone that we are a big loser. Companies that are not good at managing their finance are unlikely able to handle bigger projects. Clients will look at our financial records to see whether we managed previous project well financially.

There are many cases that the project can’t be completed yet, even after clients complete their financial obligations. This could increase the overall cost of the project and make it unlikely for clients to gain profit themselves.

4. Sorry, we are quite disorganized here:

This could be something that we say when potential clients arrive and find that our office is somewhat messy. Clients shouldn’t be hit with the shock of seeing that our company is an utter calamity. Even if it is true that our company is rather disorganized, we should immediately make improvements and at least keep quiet until clients sign the contract. We should avoid a situation that necessitates us to tell them about the sorry state of our company.

It is much better if we are able to make necessary improvements as we are completing the project.

Business owners should realize that simple conversations can ruin their projects. It is largely ridiculous to talk much more than we need. We must tell only light, neutral joke to clients just to keep the conversation flowing. Bad jokes should be avoided at all cost and when we can’t think of any good joke, we don’t have to say anything.

All clients need to see is a group of professional workers who could meet their requirements in a project. Businesses should try to comply with all rules and avoid doing anything unnecessary to improve productivity.

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