5 Best Sectors For Government Jobs In India

December 5th, 2016 | by Neha C
5 Best Sectors For Government Jobs In India

When it comes to having a successful career, the first thing that comes to mind is a government job. Specially in India, government jobs are very popular since sarkari naukri in India gives financial security and good position in society. This is why everybody wants to work in government sector. If you also want to have a successful career and you want to do a government job, then there are some sectors where you should do government job. Let’s have a look at the five best government sectors where you can find good jobs.

1: Jobs in Railway Sector

The Indian Railway produces the greatest number of jobs. This is mainly because Indian Railway is a huge sector and it is the largest railway network in the world due to which there are great job opportunities for everyone in this sector. The Indian Railway is always in need of more and more people for different departments to fill vacancies created by those who are retiring. Railway jobs are a perfect option for fresh graduates because there is a lot to learn and the earning opportunity is great. Plus, there is a lot of room for career advancement in this sector.

2: Jobs in Medical and Healthcare Sector

Another big sector where you should apply for job is medical and healthcare sector. Most fresh graduates either overlook this sector or they don’t know much about it. sarkari naukri this sector is a goldmine because the population of India is rising at a very high rate and there is always need for new medical facilities, especially in the remote areas. If you are not looking for a government job in this sector, you are missing out on too many good opportunities.

3: Jobs in Tourism Sector

Tourism industry is another huge sector in India. It is growing very fast and there is good room for growth. In this sector, you can work in hotels, motels, restaurants, and ample offices. There are many other places where you can find jobs if you are willing to join Indian tourism industry. Individuals with multi-lingual skills and tourism degrees are in high demand. It is one of the most overlooked government sectors and it is easy to find jobs in this sector.

4: Jobs in Mining Sector

Mining sector is very lucrative government sector where you can find jobs without any problem. This industry offers excellent job opportunities, but the jobs can be very challenging. These jobs are ideal for fresh engineers and technology graduates. It is very easy to find a decent job in any company.

5: Jobs in Atomic Energy Sector

Another very lucrative government sector is atomic energy. There are too many decent jobs in this sector. Most jobs are related to research and technical assistant. These jobs can provide you financial freedom and security.

These were five of the best government sectors where you can find lucrative employment opportunities in India. It is strongly advised to do your research in all these sectors to find a job that matches your education and skills.