5 Days Of Educational Activities For Spring Break

March 28th, 2018 | by Jelena D
5 Days Of Educational Activities For Spring Break

Spring break time is almost here. We will all have a little break in getting up early, no morning rush time with lunch box preparations and drop off to school madness. But then around noon, when all the longtime favorite tv shows are done and stretching on the sofa starts, there is a typical question “What can we do, we are so bored?”.

Put Everything On The Paper

Well, I have my list which usually works and hopefully, it will keep working for many more years even when kids become teenagers.

  • Get rest, eat well
  • Fun gateway
  • Sports and more sports
  • Libraries and Bookstores
  • Keep them busy in the kitchen

The first and most important thing for everyone is to be well rested, relaxed with no need to rush anywhere and to eat well. That is such an important rule because our body system will function incredible better when we have a nice long meal at the table and good night sleep. That is a combination for success.

Little Getaway is Always Good

Next, have some fun with a little inexpensive getaway. A great resource for all the ideas is ” Westways Magazine” from AAA. It is filled with much useful information, lists of local free events and festivals in your area. Even a couple hour drive makes big difference. Visiting new places and enjoying conversations with other people is a great experience. It has several sections like travel smart, current events, out and about, day trip, Bon Appetit and many more. The magazine is free for all the AAA members.

Outdoors, parks, hiking or sports practices are essential for every child, teenager, and adults too. Get motivated, grab a bottle of water and get outside. Rich new heights, visit a national park, jog longer, practice more or simply walk a distance. What a great resource of energy.

Local Activities

Visiting libraries or bookstores is like opening a new door for new information. It is fun to go to a mall, but it is even more interesting going to a bookstore and found new novel, cookbook, educational magazine or a quiet place to read or study. Let the brain soak up some new knowledge.

Well, if you did pick up a new cookbook, you have the whole day in front of you to interact with your kids, to make, create and enjoy wonderfully prepared dishes by you for your children, family or friends. They will be delighted and you will be glad and so happy that you spend some quality time with them.

And that’s it. Most importantly students will be in fantastic fresh shape for another semester in school. Who knows, maybe these experiences will be inspirational enough for their next grade A essay. Keep it simple, be creative. It doesn’t need to cost the fortune. Don’t waste your time sitting in front of the TV and eating that chips. Nature is waiting and there is always something new to see, experience, learn and have fun.