5 Keys To Saving Money On A Corporate Move

April 28th, 2017 | by Anica O
5 Keys To Saving Money On A Corporate Move

There are many reasons for relocating your company. You may have outgrown your facilities, or want a larger community with more resources. Whatever the reason, a corporate move may bring long-term benefits but can be a short-term headache. Here are five ways to stay organized and save money during the process.

Plan Early

Give your staff plenty of time to prepare. Have them make up lists of crucial assets as well as equipment and inventory they don’t use. Consolidate these lists. Attach appropriate labels. Save boxes for smaller items. Start shopping around for a reputable moving company with fair rates. When the day comes, you’ll want to know exactly what has to be moved and where it is.

Clean House

Decide what to do with the things you won’t be taking along. You might sell them off online or in the local papers. You could donate to charity and earn yourself some tax deductions. Some of those charity organizations will come to your location and haul away the stuff for free. The point is that you don’t waste time and money on moving things you don’t need.

Get Help

Moving companies like Belkin Van Lines Inc employ professionals who can get the job done safely and smoothly. Using inexperienced employees or “day labor” could be risky and more expensive than you thought. You don’t want your new copier tumbling off the back of a truck, or to be sued by someone who injures their back. Find a moving company with business references, and be certain they provide insurance coverage for your items and their own employees.

Sweat the Small Stuff

You can save a few dollars by packing up your smaller items yourself. If you’ve saved those empty boxes, you and your employees should pack up your personal and essential items yourselves. Be sure your name is affixed to the box. Put personal items in the car and they’ll be ready to go on your first day at the new place.


Protect yourself against accidental damage by ensuring that everything you pack is properly secured. In the vast majority of cases, a moving company will not take responsibility for things they didn’t pack. If you’re packing items that you expect the moving company to handle, be sure to pack electronics or fragile items in sturdy boxes with plenty of padding.

If you find a good, reliable moving company, that’s half the battle. But be sure you start planning the move early and carefully. Finding ways to cut costs will help control your expense and save time.