5 Reasons Why A Virtual Office Makes Sense

September 14th, 2016 | by Neha C
5 Reasons Why A Virtual Office Makes Sense

If you are thinking of starting your own business, there is much to consider, and while office space might not seem essential, there are many reasons why it makes sense. Here are just 5 reasons for using the services of a virtual office.

  1. Create the right image

There are certain things a consumer looks for when choosing a vendor, and being established is usually high on the list. An office run from home doesn’t really inspire confidence, and with so many other companies offering similar products or services, the consumer is spoilt for choice. A virtual office gives you all the necessary credentials, with an office address, dedicated local phone and fax lines, and a call answering service, your image will be one of an established business. If you happen to live in the London area, you might be excused for thinking that office space is out of your reach, but a virtual office can give you a prestigious address in the heart of the city, at an affordable price. Once you have everything set up, your new address and phone number can be added to your website and all promotional literature, giving you an instant corporate image.

  1. Low cost office facilities

A virtual office has more than one company using its resources, so costs for each client are vastly reduced, making it very affordable. The reason why most start up enterprises are run from home is to avoid the huge expense of leasing and furnishing an office, yet by using an established company, you can have all the benefits of your own office at a fraction of the cost. No expensive equipment to buy, or staff to hire, and the arrangement can be temporary, until your company is ready to move into its own premises.

  1. Customised voice mail

Virtual office staff are trained to answer calls in a polite and professional manner, and outside of regular working hours, you can have your own personalised voice mail, which ensures you don’t lose business due to unanswered queries. Look for an online company who offers a business address service, and if they are established, they will have several urban locations to choose from.

  1. No need to hire office staff

By using the services of a virtual office company, you don’t need to hire a receptionist or secretary, and the professional staff are fully briefed on your company and its products/services, which means they can take your calls as if they were your direct employees. You can even invite customers to visit your office, as they have all the facilities for business meetings, all you need to do is make a booking for the required time.

  1. You won’t lose business

If your phone calls, faxes and emails are not attended to promptly, it is likely you will lose some clients, but with the staff at your virtual office ready to answer calls during office hours, and a call forwarding service for other times, your customers will receive a timely response, and this can only be good for business.