5 Simple Methods for Vetting your Potential Hires

January 14th, 2019 | by Anica O

As positions become more complex, the hiring process has become more intensive and time consuming. However, a thorough investigation of an applicant’s qualifications and background can ensure a successful fit for your company. These five steps can provide the comprehensive data you need to make a thoughtful decision.

Do a Credit Check

Checking an applicant’s credit record has become routine for potential employers. A credit record can indicate a chronic habit of late payment that shows disorganization and an inability to meet deadlines. In addition, defaults on loans can indicate financial distress that warns of a potential for theft or fraud. Some of these factors could be particularly important for a position in the company that deals with finances or the handling of cash.

Checking Criminal Background

Investigating the criminal background of an applicant may be important for some positions, and many companies use a service to perform this investigation. When engaged in this process, you must always comply with legal guidelines, informing the individual of the investigation and getting legal consent. In addition, you must always apply the requirement fairly for all applicants.

Check Professional Credentials and Licenses

A number of recent news stories have shown that applicants for jobs cannot always be relied upon to honestly state their credentials and abilities when seeking a new position. Checking both academic background and current license status can help to avoid embarrassing, and potentially legally damaging, revelations that can adversely affect your company.

Validate History

Similarly, validating past employment of applicants can help to ensure that they have the skills needed for the position in question and can avoid wasted time bringing the new employee up to speed. An individual’s employment history can also reveal factors such as character, work habits and ability to integrate into a work group. Furthermore, checking a potential employee’s social media and online presence can help you get a better idea of the person interested in your job opening. Services like NetOwl can help you with thing like this and more.

Engage in Personal Interview

Nothing surpasses the personal interview in determining whether an applicant has the appropriate qualities to fulfill the requirements of a particular position like the personal interview. In these interviews, you can determine abilities, such as communication habits, people skills and confidence that other information that other methods do not provide. In many cases, several layers of interviews are needed to provide a full picture of the candidate, depending on the sensitivity of the position to be filled.

These simple actions can help to avoid employment errors and the financial expense of hiring the wrong applicant. Entity extraction services can facilitate the process of corroborating this type of data for employment purposes. If you take the time to institute a solid employment protocol, you can avoid the unnecessary waste of time and money.