5 Tips For Success When Constructing A New Company Building

December 17th, 2017 | by Anica O
5 Tips For Success When Constructing A New Company Building

Congratulations! Your company is embarking on an ambitious milestone by constructing a new building. Whether you’re a startup who is gaining momentum and needs to be able to take things to the next level, or if you’re a larger company who just needs extra space, adding a new building is always an exciting time. As you begin the planning process for the new building, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind to ensure the vision you have for your new space matches with the reality that is to come.

Consider the Sound

If you were going to construct a new concert hall, what is one of the first things you would consider? The acoustics, of course. Without good acoustics, a concert hall becomes just a large meeting room where a bunch of people happen to play instruments. Good acoustics, though, don’t just matter if the main purpose of the building is to host musical performances. They matter in every building.

Proper acoustical treatments in each space are crucial to the success of the departments which inhabit them. For example, in the main entrance area, live acoustics give a feeling of excitement and energy. In a break room, on the other hand, more muted and hushed acoustics ensure that employees feel relaxed and enabled to hold a private conversation. Consulting an engineer from a company like WML Consultants right when you begin your project can help you plan how to design your building for maximum acoustic effectiveness.

Consider the Differences

Different people work better in different environments. Outgoing, creative types tend to work better in the open, collaborative office environments that have become so popular. However, engineers, accountants, and other analytically-geared types might actually prefer a more closed, sectioned-off environment. It’s likely you depend on both of these types of people for your company’s success, so design with both personalities in mind to allow them to do their best work for the company.

Consider the Cost

When deciding on different design and construction elements of your new building, it can be tempting to go for top-of-the-line materials all across the board. In some cases, this might be the best move to make, considering you don’t want to be replacing your automatic door opener every year, or your desks every six months. However, when it comes to elements that aren’t used very often and whose less expensive versions have no visible differences from their higher-priced counterparts, save some money and go with the less expensive version.

Consider the Excitement

While it’s totally fine to use less-expensive elements in your design, don’t settle for elements that are boring or bland, simply because they cost less. The last thing you want is for your brand new company building to resemble an ‘80s-era government office. You already have a great company that people are excited to work for, make them excited about the space where they work, too, by making it warm, inviting, and, dare we say, beautiful.

Consider the Future

It would be an error of the highest magnitude to spend the money required to construct a new building, only to design it so that it only suits your current needs. If, as assumed, you’re moving into your new building because you’re experiencing growth, then plan for more growth in your new building. Have extra space for more offices, meeting areas, and common space. Or, use clever designs to allow space that will be used right from the start to be converted into other uses in the future. That said, make sure not to get stars in your eyes and accidentally overbuild. Too much empty space causes just as many issues as being too cramped.

Final Thoughts

As you experience the construction process, make sure you treasure and savor every step. Celebrate the success of your company that has caused the need for this new building, and encourage your co-workers to do the same. Finally, on move-in day, it’s okay to wax eloquently about all that day means and about how it’s going to mean so much for the company’s future. Why? Because, if you plan your new building correctly, your company’s future will look quite bright, indeed.