5 Ways Your Business Can Appeal To New Customers or Turn Them Away

January 2nd, 2014 | by RS
5 Ways Your Business Can Appeal To New Customers or Turn Them Away

A first impression can make or break you.  When it comes to potential customers’ first impressions of your business, appealing to your target customer base translates to sales, recommendations and good word of mouth. Doing a poor job makes them turn to your competitors. Make a dynamite first impression by paying attention to how you present your company viaa few keymethods.


People are more likely to respond to a video advertisement than a static one. They’re more likely to take in information via video than text. This is especially relevant in the Internet age, where video ads, how-tos and introductions appear on social media and as advertisements on relevant websites and before videos.

See examples of compelling videos and commercials at the Aurora Coast video production website. Create your own video for TV and the Internet with the help of a professional production company. Amateur videos are worse than no video because the audience may see your business as unprofessional and even goofy. Invest in your company’s first impression with a quality video.


The company website is the second most likely medium to draw new customers in. Shoddy websites give a poor impression, and difficult-to-navigate websites causes visitors frustration. Your website should:

  • Look good on small devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Prove easy to navigate
  • Give information in easy to digest formats, such as videos and small blocks of text
  • Not be so overloaded it takes a while to load

Invest in a professional website developer’s work to put up and maintain your website, and you can focus on running the business itself.


The better your slogan — either for a single product or for an entire company — the more likely it is to get stuck in the consumer’s head. Make sure a positive impression sticks. Irritating slogans might get stuck in a person’s head, too, but in a negative way. Put extra time into developing your slogans, and invest in a marketing consulting firm to help out if you have the budget. Your slogan should:

  • Convey a message in no more than four to six words
  • Be catchy — whether with a rhyme, alliteration or something else that’s memorable
  • Avoid being overly spammy
  • Be tested with a focus group before you release it

Customer Service

Satisfactory customer service is better than poor customer service — the former is going to be unmemorable at least, while the latter could turn customers off from your company forever. However, stellar customer service is memorable in a positive way. Train every employee who interacts with customers, from the staff on the sales floor to the help on the phone, that they are the face of the company. Emphasize positive qualities, such as:

  • Friendliness
  • Patience
  • Extra effort for customer satisfaction

There will always be difficult customers, but even they are less likely to spread negative opinions of your company if your customer service representatives resolve their issues with patience and calm.

Employee Attire

Even if your employees smile and do what they can to make sure customers are happy, if they’re dressed unprofessionally, they can make people unlikely to do business with your company. Pay close attention to the dress code at your business and make sure that everyone wears professional business attire.

You might accomplish a good first impression with a business uniform, especially if most employees interact with customers, or you might simply require business dress attire. If your company is a casual one, even a collared shirt and dress pants can prove appealing to customers. Whatever look you go for, clean and unwrinkled garments are key.

Forbes claims that it takes only three to five seconds for a person to form a first impression. In that limited window of time, how your company presents itself will either make a sale or turn a customer away. Present your company in an appealing, enticing fashion without being overly pushy and you’ll appeal to the widest consumer base.

Lisbeth Haynes owns several small businesses in Southern California. She recommends business owners contact Aurora Coast Productions with any questions about making compelling first impressions.