6 Things Your New Business Can’t Afford To Overlook

November 10th, 2014 | by Anica O
6 Things Your New Business Can’t Afford To Overlook

There’s no doubt about it: starting a new business is exciting. However, in the excitement of buying new business cards and t-shirts, important details can easily go overlooked.  Small details are often the difference between a thriving business and a business that fails. Here are six things to remember if you want to keep your business running long after the grand opening.

Making a Plan

Passion alone isn’t enough to sustain a business. Statistics show that many new businesses will fail within their first few years of operation. Performing market research, investigating the competition, and doing other business basics are essential to the success of your business. Having a solid business model will solidify your company operations.

Pricing Well

Many companies have learned that hard way that you shouldn’t compete on price alone. If you start your business on the premise of offering rock bottom prices, a bigger competitor can easily undercut you and put you out of business. Before you price your goods or services, do some market research for competitive price points. Calculate fixed and variable costs, and develop a unique selling proposition (USP). Overall, do away with the idea that selling at rock-bottom prices will make you a millionaire.

Obtaining Business Insurance

Though obtaining business insurance isn’t a legal necessity in Nova Scotia, more and more people are willing to go the route of litigation when hurt or injured on a business’ property. This makes business insurance an important investment since you won’t end up paying out of pocket to cover litigation costs. Business insurers like Eisenhauer Insurance Inc. can help you to determine what coverage is best for your business.

Planning to Market

New business owners often think of marketing as an unnecessary expense. They simply believe that if they build it, they will come. The truth is, without marketing, you won’t have sales to close later on down the line. It’s important to get your message out first so that you can expect a response.

Tracking Your Spending

New business owners often fall into the trap of overspending, and believe that they’ll soon turn a profit to compensate. However, it’s best not to count on everyone paying you on time. Use accounting software to track your spending, and don’t expect to make money right away. Be realistic about the time it will take for your company to break even, and plan your business and personal budgets accordingly.

Remembering What’s Important

No matter how busy you get, always remember the reason why you started your business in the first place. That knowledge will sustain you on days where things are rough or monotonous. Also remember to spend time with your family and friends, since they’re the ones who will be supporting you on an ongoing basis. While it’s great and natural to get excited over the start of a new business, you’ll also need a healthy dose of realism to nail down details. Being a business owner isn’t easy, but the payoff is well worth it when it’s done right.