6 Tips To Transporting Business Freight

May 29th, 2014 | by Annette H
6 Tips To Transporting Business Freight

Long-distance shipping is a task that requires major planning. The longer the trip, the greater the risks included with the work. Reduce the time and effort that makes up each project. Follow six tips that help you move your company’s freight.

1. List the Items

Have your professionals make an inventory list of all items prepared for shipment. Use Excel software to create a spreadsheet with details like names, product numbers and descriptions. The more categories you make for the lists, the easier it is to sort through the items. Also, the less likely you make reports on lost or stolen items.

2. Compare Shipping Rates

Make price comparisons of the different companies you look up. Know that certain standards are set for rates based on weight, location and travel distance. The best company provides cost estimates along with discounts, insurance packages and customizations. Plenty of comparison sites are available online for your convenience.

3. Pack Appropriately

You are recommended to use pallets as you pack and move freight. Pack to make the best use of the space. Also, decide the maximum amount of weight available so that you avoid breakage. Proper packing allows you to reduce the potential damages that come with transport.

4. Pack Relevant Items

Do not pack and ship goods that are hazardous or flammable, such as gas and ammunition. These items should be labeled separately. The best tip is not to transport dangerous items at all. Not following these rules could result in serious delays or fines.

5. Get Insured

Decide if the business needs cargo insurance before you ship. Anything can get damaged on a long-distance trip, so protect your assets with insurance. To get a quote, know the full details about a shipment. Review discounts that you could receive if you add more weight to the loads.

6. Use a Freight Broker

Brokers work for all types of industries. They help you find the right shipper for your endeavors. Cost is a major priority for many clients. They want brokers who are good negotiators when it comes to making affordable deals. This way, find companies that offer the best costs, trucks and volume capacities for your needs.

There are good and bad ways to move business freight. First, obtain custom quotes from a selection of different providers. If you plan to ship a large amount of goods, your provider must use the right kind of equipment. If you want to ship using planes, trucks and ships, you need the quickest, most efficient process. Review the tips that help you find the most qualified provider.

Information credited to Meyers Transport Inc Toronto trucking company.