6 Ways To Surprise Your Clients With A Personal Touch

February 12th, 2015 | by Anica O
6 Ways To Surprise Your Clients With A Personal Touch

In today’s market, adding a personal touch to customer service can mean the difference between your customer base growing or shrinking. Being treated well means a lot to your customers. Plus, people who are treated well are most likely to come back. Try these six ways to surprise your client with a personal touch.

Make Their Day

Call your clients to wish them a happy birthday. If you provide medical services, you already have that information in your files. Why not use it to let your clients know that they are more to you than the dollars they spend at your practice? This simple tip will provide huge dividends down the line.

Take Time

Send a personal, handwritten thank you note. Thank your clients for choosing your office or business. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or flowery. The fact that you took the time to recognize the fact that they don’t have to do business with you means a lot and will resonate with potential clients.

Get Real

Get rid of your automated phone system and hire real people. While automation certainly has its place in the business world, nothing tells clients that they are valuable like getting a real person on the phone. Depending on the size of your customer base, your clients and staff may come to recognize each other’s voices and be on a first name basis.

Call Your Friends

From a medical appointment reminder to a reminder for an important power lunch, give your clients a personal call. Try to avoid sending postcards if you can. They don’t possess that “personal” touch that conveys to your clients that you truly care. Use a conversational tone rather than a dry, professional one. Talk to them as if you were calling a friend.


Offer a thoughtful gift for visiting your business, but not from a jar. As your client pays, tell them you just wanted to say thank you and give them the gift with a smile. Giving out a coupon for a free ice cream at McDonald’s makes customers feel truly valued and appreciated. These small gifts cost a lot less than most promotional products and go a long way to show your customers that you truly appreciate them.

Excellent customer service is all about building relationship with your customers. Surprising your customers with a personal touch makes your clients feel uniquely valued and appreciated. Taking extra time with your customers will be worth the effort as your loyal customers become your most effective marketing strategy.