7 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid Online

July 5th, 2017 | by James B
7 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid Online

Going online is a giant leap towards success in any industry. But, it should not represent a leap of faith. The transition must be rooted in thorough planning and strategic thinking. What you need is a flawless website and sound digital strategy in place. The truth, however, is that many businesses fail to harness the full potential of their internet presence and make serious errors along the way. So, here are some mistakes you want to steer clear of to ensure continuous success.

Playing the imitation game

One of the most common mistakes is trying to imitate others and emulate their success. Considering the sheer amount of websites out there, this could be a business-sinking decision. Companies both big and small must strive to speak with a distinctive voice and let their unique personality shine. There are many ways to set yourself apart from the competition, but consistency and authenticity across various channels are the key.

Talking too much

The digital revolution has given rise to the brave new marketing world, where lively interaction and continuous communication take place. Yet, businessmen often lose sight of the fact that every communication is a two-way street. They focus only on talking instead of listening and soaking in customer feedback, forgetting that an attentive and responsive business is able to make up for any problems, such as negative consumer experience.

Forgoing research and analysis

Lack of research plagues digital efforts of many organizations. This is unacceptable since with modern analytical tools, it is possible to check how your website is doing in real time. One can, for instance, identify a slow and unresponsive element, as well as other noise that inhibits user experience. Website micromanagement might be a tedious undertaking but the constant testing and fine-tuning pay dividends in the long run.

Underestimating visual media

Another tragic misstep businesses often make is overlooking the immense power of the visual media. Namely, research shows that on social media networks, posts with images perform way better than those that lack them. It is clear that people are drawn to breathtaking photos, engaging videos, and stellar visual design. Thus, skimping on something as impactful as web design or video content production is not such a good idea.

Shabby optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the bedrock of success in the digital realm. There is a variety of tactics to optimize a website, from verifying the Google My Business Listings to deploying meta tags and keywords. They allow business owners to get their websites to the top of the online pantheon of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). So, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to disregard SEO and undermine their future prospects.

Ditching tradition

Digital presence is paramount, but it is not a silver bullet. That is to say that the traditional marketing tools still have their place in the marketer’s arsenal. In fact, they should be used in synergy with digital channels to advance the company’s goals. Businesses that provide telemarketing in Brisbane, for instance, are still going strong, even as websites, blogs, and social media accounts proliferate. Also, note that it pays off to join up the data between offline and online.

7 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid Online

Thinking slow and steady wins the race

Nowadays, visitors are spoilt for choice and have short attention spans. The decision whether to stay or bounce is made in a matter of seconds. Hence, ignoring the aspect of website’s speed and neglecting loading times increases bounce rates. On the other hand, if a page loads within two or three seconds and a visitor sees something attention-worthy, then the website is able not only to attract, but also retain customers.

Keep the eye on the ball

Online presence is what makes or breaks businesses these days. It is a great way to spark the attention of the audience and make a name for yourself. Letting the chips fall where they may is not an option, though. One needs to cover all the bases to reap opulent benefits, including a plethora of leads and boosted sales. So, brace yourself if you want to have a head start in the booming online ecosystem and stay ahead of the pack.