8 Essentials To Becoming An Event Coordinator: From Vendors To Invitations

August 19th, 2014 | by Erika R
8 Essentials To Becoming An Event Coordinator: From Vendors To Invitations

Working as a professional event coordinator requires a bit of preparation and a commitment to organization and paying attention to detail. There are a few steps necessary to become a successful event coordinator whether you plan on specializing in wedding events or in casual gatherings for family and friends.

Consider a Specialty

Consider the type of event coordinating that is most appealing to you. If you prefer hosting classy and fancy events, you may be more suited to coordinate weddings and business-related events. Casual events often require event coordinators, which are ideal for those interested in working with families and smaller groups of individuals looking to host events.

Connect With Vendors

Connect and network with vendors to find local services that are useful for clients, such as bartenders, caterers, musicians and DJ services.

Build a Professional Brand for Yourself

Build a professional brand for yourself by launching an official website and creating social media profiles for the type of event coordinating you offer. Using an official website and social media is a way to share portfolio work while also building a name for yourself professionally when attempting to gain new clientele.

Coordinate Services Necessary for Events

Hiring bartenders, singers, dancers, caterers, DJ services and other tech companies are all part of an event coordinator’s job when handling events and gatherings. Coordinating services and ensuring all hired companies and professionals appear on time is essential to pull off a greatly coordinated event.

Implementing Decorations

Implementing decorations can be done on your own with a set budget in place or by hiring professional decorators who specialize in servicing local events and gatherings.

Send Out Invitations

Always be sure to send out invitations to any event you are coordinating at least two weeks to two months in advance to ensure as many guests as possible are able to attend.

Providing Bathrooms at All Events

It is essential as an event coordinator to provide restrooms and bathrooms at any event you are planning or coordinating on your own. Working with local services such as Kamloops Septic Service and utilizing portable bathrooms is highly recommended whenever hosting outdoor events or gatherings for clients.

Ensuring Satisfaction During the Event

Checking on attendees and guests of events is another task of event coordinators to ensure everything is in place throughout the evening.

Knowing how to prepare to work as an event coordinator is a way to do so successfully regardless of the type of events, parties and gatherings you prefer coordinating and hosting yourself.