A Complete Guide to Shipping Coordinator Job Profile

February 19th, 2018 | by Mack A
A Complete Guide to Shipping Coordinator Job Profile

The post of shipping coordinator is a good entry level job to try for anyone interested in making a career in the shipping industry. The role of shipping coordinator is perfect for candidates with good organizational skills and the spirit of team membership. In this article, we intend to give you an overview of the role, required skills and suggestion about landing a job as a shipping coordinator.

Expectations of an employer from the shipping coordinator

  • A person appointed as a shipping coordinator is responsible for giving instructions to make sure consignments reach their right location at the right time.
  • Shipping coordinator will be the person responding to customers or shippers query and complaints. He must be able to stay calm and composed while handling the customers and clients both.
  • As a shipping coordinator, you’ll also be liable to examine, weight and get the items to be shipped packed in the safest form.
  • You’ll also be accountable to senior managers to provide details about actual sell against the set target.
  • You’ll also need to negotiate with customers, suppliers; warehouses etc and make sure that the target profit margin of the company is achieved.

The Skills and qualifications you need to bag a shipping coordinator’s job

  • You need to have a graduate’s degree to be appointed as a shipping coordinator. You can get an edge over the other candidates applying for the same post if have some experience of some customer-centric roles within the shipping industry.
  • A good communication skill is also expected as you have to deal with a verity of people. You must have verbal as well as written communication skills and must be able to share information in clear but concise form.
  • You must have a sound understanding of commercial enterprise. And, basic accounting should not be out of your knowledge.
  • You will need to possess good reasoning skills to prepare comparative reports and to make strategic planning regarding your role.
  • Without a proper knowledge of computer and Microsoft office, you won’t be able to handle the role of a shipping coordinator.
  • You can excel in your chosen field if you have good negotiation skills and the art to influence people with your behavior.

Getting a job as a shipping coordinator in reputed and well-paying shipping and Logistics Company

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