A Guide To Choosing A Great Conference Photographer

November 27th, 2017 | by Mack A
A Guide To Choosing A Great Conference Photographer

What makes for a Great Photographer?

There are many, perhaps too many, self-proclaimed accomplished photographers in the UK. Anyone can become a photographer, you don’t require qualifications, all you need is a suitable camera and, nowadays, a computer loaded with an appropriate editing program, the industry bench mark for which is set by Photoshop.

However, regardless of equipment or any qualifications there is simply no substitute for experience! And, by that I mean, experience within a specific field of photography; be that portraiture, weddings, landscapes, commercial and products and of course … conference photography!

It really is a question of horses for courses.

By way of example, an accomplished lonesome landscape photographer may well be ill suited to the rigours of wedding or conference photography. Indeed, not only should the photographer need to know photographic techniques but also be able to communicate and organise others.

What to look for in a Conference Photographer

First off, you’ll need someone with the relevant experience; a friend of a friend will not do! This is a job for a specialist; someone professionally competent and savvy as to specific requirements.

Your photographer must have communication and relevant technical skills. Plus, of course, the professional camera equipment required for crisp, well exposed images.

You should be able to see samples of work; sometimes it’s not just a question of flash bang wallop! Experienced photographers develop an ‘eye’ for their subject; a quality that exalts his or her work, a touch of … je ne sais quoi.

Furthermore, he or she must have the nous to be unobtrusive at appropriate moments. It is therefore imperative to find a helpful photographer, one who will listen and adhere to your specific brief.

Be absolutely clear with your instructions; can ‘shots’ be staged managed i.e. set up? Do you want a limit on the amount of flash used? What are the available vantage points?

Also, don’t be afraid to listen; a well organised photographer will know all the pitfalls and tricks, so, take heed of the feedback!

Where can I find a Competent Conference Photographer?

The obvious starting point is the web. Look for:

  1. A well-established company which only employs personnel with experience of conference photographic requirements.
  2. An impressive portfolio of previous engagements, back-up with photographs and positive reviews.
  3. A company with a genuinely ‘helpful’ helpline.

Give them a ring, outline your requirements and seek advice and a price guide. Although, most good companies will have their rates and package details clearly outlined on their site.

The Photo Team – A Recommendation!

One of the most rated companies in the UK is undoubtedly The Photo Team, based in London.

For a clearer picture (excuse the pun) of the standards you should expect take a peek at their site now … follow this link to The Photo Team website.

As you’ll discover, The Photo Team offer quality coverage at most reasonable rates.

Remember, a job worth doing is worth doing well … and no one does it better than The Photo Team!