A Guide To Total Online Data Protection

January 27th, 2018 | by Mack A
A Guide To Total Online Data Protection

To most of us, the dark secrets of the digital world go unnoticed, yet with millions of users worldwide who are victims of data theft, one cannot take any chances with valuable personal and business data. Whether you run a one man business or are the CEO of a multi-national corporation, there exists a software package that will protect all of your employees’ inboxes, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Online Anti-Virus Programs

While it might offer you a basic level of protection to install a huge blacklisting application on every hard drive, it simply drains all your IT resources, slowing up all your terminals, as the CPU has to deal with the constant anti-virus scanning. A cloud based solution like Mailcleaner, on the other hand, creates a virtual barrier between your inbox and your mail server, and that way, nothing can get through. The advantages are many, which include freeing up your limited computing resources, which can be used for more productive things than scanning for bugs.

Easy to Use Interface

When you enlist the help of the experts, you will have an easy to use interface and with everything password protected, only authorised personnel can access this. You can manage all incoming email traffic from a single screen, and with tracking, if you wish to know the origin of any file, it is a simple request task. While you have complete control, you are not simply left to it, as you have the developer working behind the scenes at all times, ensuring updates are installed and there are no issues.

Free Trial

You might think that any company that managed to develop something this good, would offer a free trial, and you’d be right. The leading developer will happily let you use the product for a full thirty days, and in the unlikely event you are not impressed, then you are not committed to continue in any way. With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, it makes total sense to try out the best anti-spam and virus software on the market.


This is the best facility for the user, as it allows you to secure an unknown file and examine it safely. The system is configured initially to automatically quarantine anything suspicious, and then you are notified and decide how best to proceed. You could allow the email through, or delete it, or even find out where it came from. Having the power to decide is just another benefit from cloud based protection, and the backing and support of the developer, you can really say goodbye to any threat of a cyber-attack.

Modern digital commerce requires maximum protection, and no matter what business you are in, protecting your data has never been so important. If you are tired of slow workstations and would like to test the best anti-spam software for free, all it takes is an online search.