Achieving Efficient Pest Control In A Restaurant

November 10th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Achieving Efficient Pest Control In A Restaurant

Pests are the one visitor any restaurant owner can do without and certainly the last thing the visitors coming to the establishment wish to be welcomed by. Not only are they a sure deterrent for all the customers that saw any kind of pest, and probably for all the people they share the news with, the presence of pests violates sanitation rules. Furthermore, when they’re not promptly put under control, they easily lead to occurrence of harmful bacteria and diseases that may well exceed the limits of your establishment. To prevent this, implement these pest control methods.  

Educate the Staff

The initial step and often the most important step in achieving efficient pest control is continual education. All members of the staff, especially managers and food handlers need to be thoroughly informed about common pests found in restaurants and the risk they present. Checklists and information on what to look for in case pests occur, such as tracks they leave behind and common nesting spots proved to be essential when it comes to putting things under control promptly.

Achieving Efficient Pest Control In A Restaurant

Interior Hot Spots

Let us begin with a dining and kitchen area. Tables and chairs, including the surfaces underneath them need to be wiped and cleaned after every single guest leaves them. Kitchen and food preparation area need to be thoroughly cleaned after every shift, if not more frequently. Cleanliness and regular maintenance is the number one priority when it comes to storage area. Next, use First in First Out method to store food. Lastly, use only the trash cans with lids to prevent pests from hiding there and regularly clean drain lines, they are one of favorite pest breeding spots.

Exterior Hot Spots

Outside area is equally important for successful pest control as the interior one. Lighting is the first concern since it strongly attracts pests, especially insects. The best way to keep your restaurant in the spotlight and at the same time avoid inviting the pests in is to install light fixtures away from the entrances and direct the light towards them. Next, dumpsters, being a favorite pest gathering place, need to be located far from the restaurant, of sufficient volume and with a lid that is always shut tightly. Finally, regularly clean the entrance area and consider installing air curtains at the entrance door that is always open. Among other benefits, they efficiently deter pests.

Pets from Stored Products

Sometimes all precaution and maintenance measures you conducted are not sufficient in preventing pests from entering your restaurant. Pests like moth, mites and other small insect may enter the premises hidden in packaged products such as flour and nuts. They breed and feed inside the packages, changing the flavor of the product and often cause allergic reactions in those that consume them. They are often very hard to spot and the only method prevention is regular rotation of the stock and their inspection, as well as quick removal of the product if they are infected, advise Gold Coast pest control pros.

Achieving Efficient Pest Control In A Restaurant

Cleanliness, Cleanliness and then Cleanliness

To emphasize this once again, pristine cleanliness of the entire premises, exterior, dining area, kitchen and storage is equally important for efficient pest control. All the cleaning activities need to be scheduled in order to truly become an everyday routine. This means that all the members of the staff need to be familiar with their roles at any moment and equally participate in maintaining the entire premises.

Efficient pest control is a multileveled and ongoing process. All of the above mentioned factors matter, as well as an open communication between all the members of the staff. Work as a well prepared team and you will manage to keep things under control.