Are You A Startup Business Founder Wannabe?

February 19th, 2014 | by Ian G. Elbanbuena
Are You A Startup Business Founder Wannabe?

Putting up a startup company is something that’s potentially rewarding for anyone, but the sad reality is, not everyone has the mettle for such a move. It will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, not to mention a level of financial success. Not a lot of activities could provide all of that quite like funding a startup business.

Of course, there’s the other side of the issue. Anything worth doing is usually not easy, and business startups are far from a simple task. Starting your own business is naturally stressful and risky, and it takes certain characteristics in order to properly weather the experience. This is not to say that people in business startups are born to with startup business founder traits, but the purpose of this is to establish the characteristics that you might need to develop in order to be successful at putting up your own company. Without these traits, it’s easy to falter at any point of the birthing of the startup.

Welcome Ideas

People who are successful in business startups are the ones that do not box out ideas just because they seem outlandish. The best ideas that fueled successful startups stem from seemingly absurd ideas made into reality. It’s not a matter of thinking outside the box; it’s more than that. It’s accepting that there is no box in the first place. All ideas are welcome and carry the potential to take you and your business to a level that you aspire to. Do not reject any ideas just because of preconceived notions.

Willingness to give form to Ideas

The difference between good ideas becoming a successful business and good ideas becoming nothing more than flights of fancy lies in a person’s willingness to ensure that the idea does not go to waste. Once presented with an idea with potential, a successful business startup founder’s first instinctive thought would be planning out how to make the idea a reality. While most people would be satisfied with being presented with something that’s “cool”, a potential startup founder breaks down the possible steps in making the idea a reality, anticipating potential problems, working out the necessary adjustment and listing down all possible requirements. Basically, a true startup founder is a doer and not just a thinker.

Equipped with Problem-solving Skills, and Enjoys using them

All startup businesses encounter problems. More than their fair share even. That is why when funding a startup business, it’s going to take more than ample problem-solving skills (though of course, that helps a lot), a person has to be able to embrace the role of problem solver. The types of problems a startup company encounters range from the trivial (like a lack of extension cords for the office) to the potentially disastrous (like running out of funds). A startup founder has to be able to take all of these problems and the frequency with which they occur, in stride in order to properly lead the company. The thing is, having such a behavior is as important as having the skillset is that skills aren’t usually all-encompassing, meaning no one can ever be equipped with the skills to address every problem that arises. It’s having the tenacity to face these problems regularly that’s going to dictate how a company lasts in the midst of problems.

Grace under Fire

In any position that requires any level of responsibility comes with the proportionate amount of pressure. When you start a company, then no position is higher is yours. That’s why it’s extremely important that you possess the ability to maintain a level head even when under pressure. The pressure is also extra high in startup companies. As mentioned earlier, problems are going to arise, but in startups, problems also have a way of occurring all at the same time. Being able to work under such pressure may mean the difference between success and failure for your startup company.

A Mind for Business

A startup company is a business, despite any image or intention that might imply otherwise. It’s good to be someone that focuses on more than just earning money, but with your company, and everyone involved in it, relying on you to make sure that all the time, effort and money they invested shows returns, it is important for you to develop a business mindset as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. By being in such a mindset, your focus will always be the success of the company instead of lesser goals. Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit allows you to always be on the lookout for opportunities for growth and profit, guides your decisions to be nothing but the best for business, allows you to hire the best people, and conduct yourself in a completely professional manner that just commands respect.

A Willingness to Evolve

In startup companies, change is always constant. Adaptation to new technologies and business practices, adjusting to available resources and circumstances, all of these are going to be necessary actions at certain points in your startup business. There are many individuals out there that are averse to change, and that is a mentality that would prevent your business from achieving more than it could. Evolution is important, both from a personal and a professional point of view. If you’re company can’t keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of business, then it’s highly unlikely that your startup is going to make it.

Funding a startup business is but the first step in creating a successful enterprise. It all begins with you, the entrepreneur, to be the person that your company needs to lead it to greatness. Business startups are hard, what with the pressure and the problems that constantly arise, and if you do not condition yourself to be the person that can handle all of that, then maybe you should rethink taking all those personal loans for business startups. It takes more than just money to produce a solid business. It takes characteristics that would lead you to greatness. Develop those characteristics and you will be fully equipped to handle the rigorous undertaking of starting your own business.