Are You Planning An Office Removal Soon?

July 25th, 2017 | by Mack A
Are You Planning An Office Removal Soon?

If you are relocating soon, you need to contact a removal company that offers a broad range of services. Doing so gives you the added confidence that the contractor you’ve chosen is thoroughly committed to the removal process. Removal services today extend to providing document and furniture storage as well as services that are associated with commercial moves, home moves, office and factory moves, crate hire, office design and builds, and IT solutions.

Do You Need to Move IT Equipment?

For example, if you are a company that relies on its IT infrastructure, you need to make sure that the removal service you use has experience in moving computer equipment. Relocation should not only be featured but also other associated services including patching, disconnection, and reconnection of all IT equipment. By using a relocation service with this type of experience, a business does not worry about any loss of productivity.

When IT equipment is removed, it is stored and transported in specially prepared packaging materials that significantly lower the risk of damage. Removal companies in Hampshire that specialise in this service can provide this assistance even if they are not involved in other areas of moving office.

Hiring Removal Crates

Maybe you need to use packing crates during an office removal. The removal company you choose should offer packing crates in numerous sizes. Make sure that the crates can be security-sealed with tags. Typically, crates can be hired on a weekly basis. A removal company can deliver and collect the boxes. This is an ideal service to use if you are making a move inside your office space.

A removal company that offers a design and build service is one to strongly consider, especially if you are relocating to a new office space and require a new layout. Not only can the removal company move your furnishings and equipment but it can also work with you to provide a new office environment to accommodate your business needs.

In some cases, customers wish to revamp their current work areas or change a few things about the existing space. They can still take advantage of these services. A company that offers a design and build service can configure and customise a space and supply all the building products and fitting out.

Returning a Space to its Former Condition

On the other hand, you may be leaving an office and are overseeing dilapidations. If so, you can work with a design and build provider to return the building to its former condition. Items that are no longer needed can also be cleared from the premises.

If your office needs to move documentation to a storage facility, you can also obtain assistance from a full-service removal company. A company of this calibre can collect the boxes and log them for you when they reach their warehouse destination. Boxes can be added or taken away at any time. Make sure that you use a company that offers free retrieval to cover those times when you need a box or file out of storage. Files can be retrieved and delivered by the company or can be picked up by the customer.