Beating The Bucket List: Preparing For A Cross-country Backpacking Trip

September 5th, 2017 | by Anica O
Beating The Bucket List: Preparing For A Cross-country Backpacking Trip

When going on a cross-country backpacking trip is on your to-do list, you likely know that it’s not something you can just pick up and do without any preparation. As you’re making a list of what to do before leaving, don’t forget to include some key items.

Create a List of Resources

Going on a cross-country backpacking trip is an adventure, and you might want to be as spontaneous as possible. While that’s fine, you should still have a list of resources available to you. For example, you can map out the places where you want to stop so that you can generate a list of hotels, restaurants and emergency services in the area. Preparation is an important part of staying safe on this adventure.

Plan Your Outings

Seeing the natural world is a major part of going on a cross-country backpacking trip. However, you will also have the opportunity to explore sights that you may never be in proximity to again. Take a look at where you’re planning to go and what museums, attractions, cultural attractions and exhibits you would like to stop at. While you don’t necessarily want these activities to interfere with your exploration of the natural world, you also don’t want a staunch dedication to backpacking to prevent you from having superb experiences.

Store Your Possessions

Upon landing at the first stop, you may stay in a hotel for a night. Depending upon the size of the country you’re exploring, you may have a base point. For example, if you are exploring a small country for a protracted period of time, you may have a particular hotel that you’ll go back to a few times throughout the trip. Still though, that doesn’t mean you should leave your possessions unattended for days or weeks at a time in a hotel. Instead, choose a storage facility like Stadium Storage or someone similar to keep them safe.

Get a Physical

Going on a cross-country backpacking adventure is generally going to require a significant amount of walking. Before you go, schedule an appointment with your doctor to have a physical. By doing so, you can learn if you are in the proper physical condition to go on this type of adventure. Also, you can discover tips to take that are suited to your specific body and physical condition.

Cross-country backpacking is an enthralling way to see a part of the world. Making sure that you are prepared can help you to avoid snafus along the way.