Benefits Of Take 5 For Safety In The Workplace

July 18th, 2017 | by Mack A
Benefits Of Take 5 For Safety In The Workplace

Safety protocols and procedures are important in the workplace, they not only prevent accidents and injuries, but save lives, a lot of the time safety takes a back seat to other work practices and this can leave employees extremely vulnerable in their settings. Employees often go about their daily duties without any knowledge or awareness of potential risks and hazards in their workplace. The Take 5 concept is an excellent tool to increase awareness and avoid possible emergencies.

Identify your Surroundings

Take 5 is a risk management procedure which aims to reduce workplace accidents and incidents, Take 5 manuals are designed to help employees and businesses create a safer work environment, it is basically a checklist which is used by workers to identify their surroundings, it allows them to take a few minutes to check whether they are safe to proceed and work in their area. The take five safety process consists of five simple steps which are designed to increase employee awareness and improve risk assessment in the workplace.

The Take 5 steps include:

  1. Consider the possible dangers
  2. Scan the surrounding area
  3. Evaluate any hazards
  4. Suitably manage the risk
  5. Safely complete the project

Efficient Management Control

Although management is responsible for other staff member then cannot be there every second of the day to monitor workplace actions, the Take 5 procedure is a great instrument for safety, it allows management train employee to always consider safe work practices all of the time. Managers are responsible for other areas like safety inspections, training, and maintenance, but when areas such as training are finished it is difficult for them to guarantee that employees will remember and carry out safe practice. The Take 5 process is a simple but effect procedure not only for lower level workers but also for management.

Product Distribution

By using the Take 5 template your business secures a number of services which are aimed at improving safety awareness and reducing accidents in the workplace, the Take 5 method can easily be printed on a small portable booklet which employees can use throughout the day. There is a range of companies who offer business and printing services including safety manuals such as Take 5, the Take 5 concept can be printed on to signs which should be clearly displayed across the workplace, this will serve as a daily reminder to employees.


Research shows that the use of safety procedures such as Take 5 can greatly reduce the chances of workplace accident and injuries, coupled with the right type of safety training and awareness campaigns these initiatives aim to keep workers safe at all times. Simple information and basic procedures which are accessible and easy to follow help staff members to identify potential risks, they can then carefully monitor areas before they decide to commence workplace duties.

The importance of workplace safety should not be neglected, companies must understand the benefits of systems like Take 5 in reducing accidents and emergencies. Workplace incidents are preventable, the best way of increasing safety standards is to invest in education and training, these programmes benefit both management and lower levels employees.