Best 5 countries To Get A Construction Job

September 15th, 2013 | by Idania.Silvia
Best 5 countries To Get A Construction Job

Demand for skilled construction workers is very high in Middle East and Europe as well. In spite of worldwide economic turmoil, the demand is ever increasing. Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia continue to put money in construction and thus infrastructure works to ensure enhancement of their tourism industry. Construction managers having knowledge about US and UK standards are high in demand across the globe, especially in the European countries.

Here is some useful information regarding construction jobs market in 5 globally acclaimed construction hubs.

Best 5 countries To Get A Construction Job

  • Saudi Arabia

The country is trying to boost up its tourism industry which is still in its infancy.  Implementing rail system throughout the country is one of the most important building blocks towards development of tourism sector and thus government of the country has engaged leading and globally-operated construction companies to take over the charge. These companies often look for experienced workers having expertise in railway construction. They also look for locomotive drivers, civil engineers, machine operators and foremen. If you have an engineering degree from a university of repute, then you can always apply for construction jobs in Saudi Arabia. Having experience in the respective field will be an added advantage.

Best 5 countries To Get A Construction Job

  • United Arab Emirates

This is considered as the hub of infrastructure development activities of the Middle East. Multinational construction companies seek experienced construction site managers for design implementation and coordinating with the project managers. They are also needed to plan time schedules, manage infrastructures assignments, build relation with Emirati construction material suppliers and check and sanction invoices from the subcontractors. For this position, you must have degree in communication, civil engineering etc with at least 4 to 5 years of experience in relative field.

  • United Kingdom

If you’re a US based construction manager with significant prior experience of working in the United Kingdom or Europe, you can earn a lot in UK. Engineers and construction managers having 3 to 5 years’ work experience in UK can get promotion from engineer to site manager and gradually to project manager. Remember, with educational qualification, you must have relevant experience to work in this country. You can become managing director or even COO, if you are worth.

  • Oman

Any construction job in Oman can earn you a significant amount every year. Oman based construction companies are in search of skilled project managers preferably having experience in building power plants. Oman construction jobs feature contracts with Asian companies including South Korean contractors that appoint western-educated professionals for their works. Project managers are liable to implement quality management system on particular projects, design policies with particular objectives and create guidelines for the workers working at their worksites. The project manger is also liable for developing project-specific audit program. You must be a bachelor in engineering with auditor certification for applying for the post.

  • Turkey

If you are an engineer with US, UK or Turkey construction experience, you can earn noticeable amount by working in Turkey as a project manager. Turkey companies seek project managers for projects that are combination of residential, industrial and commercial construction. Although these companies prefer to recruit Turkey-based professionals, yet construction professionals with significant experience in Turkish construction sector are also are in high demand. Turkey construction jobs are permanent and based in Istanbul.

Having proper qualification and adequate experience in construction works can surely enhance your chance to getting a relevant job in any of these countries.

Anny Smith is a veteran career counselor. Be it related to construction jobs or banking jobs – her write-ups include all aspects of career building.