Business Communication: The Core Of All Organizations

August 20th, 2016 | by Mack A
Business Communication: The Core Of All Organizations

Business communication involves constant flow of information and is considered as an integral part of running and managing an organization. This is used to promote a product, service, or organization with the aim of making profits and sales. In business communication, the message is conveyed through various networks of communication which include internet, radio, print (publications), television, and word of mouth. Among business, interpersonal skills and etiquette, communication is considered as a core. Communication is perceived as transmitting of messages between two or more parties.

Now a days, it has grown to more than just transmitting a message. Business communication is a mutual transmission of ideas, opinions and questions leading to a common understanding or in some cases misinterpretations. Business communication expert like George Bardwil says that over the last few years, businesses have greatly invested in modern communication systems that facilitate fast and effectual exchange of both oral and written communication.

Communication is needed in an organization for conducting sales, exchanging options, reaching agreement, executing decisions, making plans and proposals, exchanging information, sending and fulfilling orders etc. Thus, without any proper communication an organization cannot exist. Business Communication in an organization can be of two types such as:

  • Internal Communication: This is basically the communication which is made within an organization which can be informal, or formal. This helps in increasing productivity, safety and job satisfaction and decreases the rate of staff turnover and grievances. This can be further classified as
  • Upward Communication: This is the communication among the subordinates with the superiors, or from employees to management. This is used for exchanging information, expressing enthusiasm, providing feedback and offering ideas.
  • Downward Communication: This is the communication from the top management to the subordinates of the organization. This is needed in an organization to boost the morale of the employees, provide motivation, encourage two way discussions and announce decisions.
  • Horizontal/Literal communication: This communication is utilized by the people with the same or similar designation in an organization to cooperate or collaborate. This is needed to solve problems, boost efficiency, improve teamwork and accomplish task.
  • External Communication: This is the type of communication with the people outside the company especially with the customers and third party vendors. This helps in improving the company’s image and helps the company to attain its goals and receive customer satisfaction.

Apart from all these types, communication can be in the form of verbal, written or electronic. This is why experts like George Bardwil say that in order to thrive and compete with others an effective business communication is very much essential. With the advent of new technologies, one can save significant time and cost to effective business communications. Web conferencing is one such technology that enables associates to affordably meet and collaborate regardless of geographic location. For successful modern business communications, effective conference and discussion meetings are critical. This is why companies tend to hire specialists like George Bardwil who knows how to effectively use the business communication for the business.

Thus, it can be said that business communication is the core of all organization.