Business Money Saving Tips: Saving Through The Use Of Coupons

November 1st, 2013 | by RS
Business Money Saving Tips: Saving Through The Use Of Coupons

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money. Their suppliers are usually the place where most of their outgoings go—not including the rent on an office space!—so it makes sense to look there for a way to save money. Coupon codes are a great way if you can find them. Here are some tips for using your promotional offers to cut the outgoing costs for any business of any size.

Do a Search for Promotional Offers

Companies do offers all the time. There are high chances that your current suppliers have money off vouchers all over the internet for new customers and those looking for a better deal. As a loyal customer, don’t you deserve to make a saving too? However, as a note, this only really works if you’re not in a contract with a supplier.

Business Money Saving Tips: Saving Through The Use Of Coupons

The first thing you can do is do the search for the promotional offers around. and other similar websites usually list all the new offers and those that are still in valid. Take a look at them and find one that could suit your needs. It could also be worth doing a search on competitors to help with the final step.

Contact your Supplier

Now it is time to let your supplier know that you have found a better offer—for them or a competitor—and whether they will meet it for your next order. In the majority of cases, they want your custom and will respect your loyalty. You will be surprised by how quickly some are happy to give a discount as long as you give them a call.

A small number of times, they don’t want to lose the money you’re already giving them. It could put them in a financial predicament. You may also have a problem if you are already in a set contract. You could ask them to negotiate better terms when your current contract comes to an end—most are willing to do that then.

Business Money Saving Tips: Saving Through The Use Of Coupons

Could you move to your Competitors?

If you’re not in a contract and your current supplier isn’t budging on price, could you move to a competitor to save money? Take a look at the codes available for your competitors and look at their regular prices. By simply threatening to move, you will make your supplier think again. It is better to get some money out of you than none at all and have to find a new customer.

You really want to know the competitor’s normal pricing though. Eventually the promotional discount will come to an end and you could find the cost jumping up considerably more than you currently pay.

Take your time and do your research. This is the best way to save money in your business. Remember that coupons are there and can really help with the money saving venture.

This guest post was written by Samuel Ransom, a business money saving expert. He works with many businesses, small and large, to help them with their financial planning and find where and how they can save money.