Business Parties: How To Bring Your Company Staff Together With Events

January 27th, 2016 | by Anica O
Business Parties: How To Bring Your Company Staff Together With Events

An office party can be a fun way to show employees that they are appreciated and a valuable asset to the company. It can also be a great way to help staff unwind, build relationships and increase morale. However, many have experienced office parties that failed to be memorable because they did not let employees be involved or did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. With the right mindset, office managers can help bring their staff together with expertly planned social events.

Make It Employee-Driven

According to, the best way to bring employees together using events is to let them be involved in the planning. As long as they know what the social limits are and how much the budget is, employees will feel that their ideas are valued when they are allowed to help. Of course, this is the main reason for the event in the first place.

Plan a Theme

A party without an appropriate theme is sure to leave people drowning in boredom. Sometimes, planning a good theme can be like walking a fine line. Staff want something fun but not too over-the-top. Good options include a spa, sports or carnival theme or a summer cookout.

Get out of the Office

This brings up the topic of where the event should be held. While it is cheaper to host a party at the office, employees will be able to let loose if they are in a different venue. For example, the office could head to a local spa, a golf course or a fine venue, such as one of Noah’s Event Venues located across the country.

Keep Work out of It

The key to event success is to make sure employees know the party is not about work. Event planners can keep talk of office politics and upcoming projects out of the party by ensuring that guests have plenty to do, such as games, eating or door prizes. These events can lead to amazing interactions between coworkers that can better the office environment come Monday.

How many office parties are held is completely up to the management. However, most offices could benefit from enjoying more parties than they already are. Some good options include summer cookouts, birthday celebrations, parties for reaching office achievements and, of course, Christmas parties. As long as employees are warmly welcomed to participate, the office atmosphere and spirit of teamwork are sure to get a boost.