Business Trip Tricks: How Make The Most Of Traveling For Work

March 6th, 2018 | by Anica O
Business Trip Tricks: How Make The Most Of Traveling For Work

For thousands of Americans, long-distance travel is a norm for them whether on a weekly or monthly basis. Rather than making long-distance travel a necessary evil, consider the following tips to make business travel not only worthwhile but also enjoyable. Next time you are forced to fly or drive to a distant city, you can count on an organized itinerary, shortened travel time and more money left in the wallet.

Staying in a New City for a Little While?

Although most business trips are short and only last a few days, some can last longer—even weeks. If that is the case, consider exploring the city and finding more comfortable living quarters.

Make the Most of the City

Instead of just surviving between the boardroom and the hotel room, business travelers should consider taking at least a few hours to explore whatever city that they are visiting. In large metropolitan areas or international cities, this will not seem difficult. However, even in smaller cities, travelers can search out a local restaurant or landmark. Not only will individuals get some much needed fresh air, but they will also be able to rest their minds for a few short hours.

Consider Short-Term Rentals

Instead of choosing a hotel, a short-term rental, such as a luxury furnished apartment, can help travelers feel as if they are home, aiding in their relaxation. These rentals have kitchens, allowing travelers to cook healthy meals, and often feature more space than the traditional hotel room has. This is particularly important for those traveling with a wife and children on business.

Are You Traveling via Vehicle?

Some business professionals don’t have to go too far and might find themselves driving as a means of travel. If that is what you find yourself doing, make sure that the vehicle you use is in tip top shape and that you’re being fully compensated for the resources you use.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

There is nothing worse than being late for a meeting with partners, clients, or even fellow employees. That is because it can leave a bad impression. One thing that can make you late is using a vehicle that often breaks down or is otherwise not the most reliable. Whether you use your own car or a company vehicle, you need to make sure that it is being properly maintained. Make sure that your mode of transportation isn’t experiencing engine problems or has other malfunctioning parts. If you’re using a company truck, for example, you should let your company know of any irregularities so that they can replace the parts that are needed.

Ask for Compensation from Your Company

If you’re using your own vehicle, then you will be using up your car’s mileage and gas. Before agreeing to use your car for work purposes, make sure that your company agrees to compensate you. You should always keep track of how many miles you put on your vehicle for work purposes and how much you spend on gas as well. Make sure to show your mile log and gas receipts to whoever you need to go to for compensation. This way, they know that you are being fully honest with compensation request.

Are You Traveling via Plane?

Flying to a destination is the most common way of travel for business professionals visiting another state or country. If that is your plan, make sure to get an airline credit card and avoid layovers at all cost!

Sign up for an Airline Credit Card

An airline credit card is essential when it comes to earning free flights. Instead of choosing a card associated with one particular airline, some choose a card through a major company that will give airline rewards points on all purchases and double rewards on all airlines purchases. However, airline-specific cards will help users build up to platinum or elite status, giving them free checked bags, priority boarding and upgrades.

Take Non-Stop Flights Whenever Possible

Business travelers must know the difference between direct and non-stop flights to save time and hassle. According to Travel Skills, direct flights are not actually non-stop. Rather, they make one or more stops on the way to the final destination, but passengers will not need to debark.

Now all business travelers can head to new cities with the same helpful tips that top executives practice on a weekly basis. Instead of finding this travel to be tiring, those practicing these essential tips will find themselves refreshed and happy while also saving plenty of money with free flights or discounted tickets.