Choose the Right Office Furniture for Your Business Needs

October 22nd, 2013 | by MariaJohnUK
Choose the Right Office Furniture for Your Business Needs

Choosing the correct office furniture in Melbourne is as important as choosing the location of your place of business in the city. This is an area where you should not scrimp and should thoroughly research, since you and your employees will be spending hours a day using the furnishings you choose. Also, the right furnishings will encourage productivity by providing for your employees’ needs and allowing them to work without disturbing the work of others.


Ergonomics is always an important consideration when buying office furniture in Melbourne, not only for comfort but also to be sure you are abiding by all the government health and safety regulations. Ergonomically designed furnishings can help your employees avoid strains, stress, aches, and repetitive movement injuries, which can reduce absenteeism.

Form and function do not always co-exist. For instance, a cafe chair may look good in your waiting room, but it might not be as appealing if your clients are uncomfortable. So the first consideration when buying office furniture in Melbourne or anywhere else is to make sure the piece not only looks good, but also is a fit for the individual using it. A glass-topped minimalist office desk may make your office look up-to-date, but it could be frustrating if you need lots of private drawers.

Space is always a major consideration. When buying office furniture in Melbourne, make sure you know your space limitations so there is enough room for people to move around and open file drawers. A crowded office is unlivable and will always look cluttered. At the same time, you want to be sure you have enough file cabinets, tables, and other accessories to prevent clutter and to enable you to be able to find what you want when you need it.

The look of your office is another important consideration. Beyond not looking cluttered and cramped, the style of furnishings will say a lot about your business. The office of a solicitor, for example, should probably be more formal than that of an online business and may want to project that formality with heavy wood furniture, paneling, and brass accents. The online business, on the other hand, may want to go more with fanciful furniture that features metal and glass appointments. Remember, the office furnishings speak to potential clients before you ever do.

The mood and atmosphere of the office can be affected by the furniture, colours, and lighting. So all must be considered as a whole before you buy the first desk chair or wastebasket. Studies have shown, for example, that blues, black accents, and soft greens can enhance office efficiency. Creativity is given a boost with silver blues, grays, and soft tans, while pink tones reinforce the writers on your staff.

Furnish for the future. With all the changes in technology and the potential for change and growth in your office, consider furnishings that will allow the shifting, adding, and reconfiguration of elements.

Given the choices for office furniture in Melbourne, it may be best to turn to experts in the field of office design for help, such as those at Progressive Office Furniture in Melbourne. Expert advice will help you avoid costly mistakes.