Creating Credibility: How To Earn Respect In The Business World

October 3rd, 2017 | by Anica O
Creating Credibility: How To Earn Respect In The Business World

You want people to respect you as a business owner or a manager. It does not come easy. Put in the extra effort to earn respect. Here are four helpful tips to guide you.

Building Character

When you have a character or a positive attitude, you can give your business a competitive edge. How you behave determines how others judge you. A positive trait can make you honorable, compassionate, and courageous. Having such qualities increase your self-esteem and enable your success. You can avoid having a bad reputation when you have a positive attitude. Leaders with character are more confident and have a positive outlook on life per an article in the Ivey Business Journal.

Your company can lose profits if you have poor character traits. For example, if you are lazy, careless, and dishonest, it results in low productivity and poor performance overall. The outcome includes an increased cost for more labor and a lower quality of goods and services. Another example of a weak character trait is being rude, insulting, and dishonest to customers. Your clients will go to the competitor instead of putting up with such behaviors from you.

Having Patience

Everyone learns at a different pace. It may take others longer to get it, so be patient with them. Compliment your team if they master a difficult task faster than expected. When you show your staff patience, it will convey your confidence in them. Your team will show you more respect and not shy away from asking you a question.

Being a good listener is another way of having patience. You have employees who like to tell stories to make a point. Instead of yawning, listen to the stories. Everyone has a unique way of communicating. When responding to your team, speak in a calm tone. Yelling or screaming will create tension.

Showing Respect

You earn respect by showing it. Your title should not decide how you show respect to others. If people respect you because of your title, they are not as genuine as they should. If you do not deserve respect, people will pretend to respect you because they do not want to get fired. Show passion in whatever you do. When people see the desire for what you do, they will feel drawn to you and follow in your footsteps.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, show confidence in whatever you do as a leader. When you doubt yourself, others will have less respect for you. Have faith in yourself and show others you can lead a team. Also, encourage your team to show passion in what they do. When they enjoy their work, it will increase productivity.

Another way to earn respect is to lead by example. Be an active role model for your team by taking responsibility for your actions. When employees see you do not play the “blame” game, they will follow in your footsteps. It also helps to build trust. Employees will cover their backs to avoid getting accused, which wastes valuable time.

Attending Business Seminars

When you attend seminars in your industry, you get to network with other business leaders in your field. These business owners have experience and will share with you what works and what does not work. They can introduce you to other owners willing to give you seed money if you need capital.

Before attending the seminars like Success Path Education or similar courses, present yourself ahead of time to people you wish to meet. Email or get a mutual friend to introduce you to them. If any of the individuals you are meeting is presenting, tell the person you will be in attendance. The presenter will appreciate your effort because few people show up to these appearances.

Respect is a two-way street; give it to earn it. Here is a list of things to help you earn respect. First, build character by having a positive attitude. Have patience with your team because not everyone learns at the same pace. Show respect to others, and you will earn it. Attend seminars in your industry. You can pick up tips from networking or get seed money for your business.