Creative Advertising Options For Law Firms

February 21st, 2014 | by EditorOne
Creative Advertising Options For Law Firms

When you think of advertising for a law firm, you probably think of a television or radio commercial. Advertising on TV or radio can be beneficial for a law firm but it isn’t always the most cost effective approach. Buying airtime can be expensive and it is also a commitment. Here is a list of some other creative ways to advertise law firms.

Placing Fliers

Fliers can be customized in many different ways to be placed almost anywhere. They can be made as 1/4 sheet fliers and placed under windshield wipers. Advertisements can be made up as signs and put on bike racks and cigarette butt or garbage canisters. They can be puton orange cones and placed on city sidewalks. There are advertising companies to contact to have posters made and placed in public bathroom stalls. Law firms and can also advertise by printing out t-shirts and handing them out. Place fliers in mailboxes and attach to trees and light posts.

Fairs and Other Events

Setting up a booth at an event is a very creative and effective way to advertise a law firm. To start, you can make footprints leading the way to the booth. Have balloons with the law firms name printed on them to show potential customers that they have arrived. It looks bright and fun and keeps people interested. Have “souvenirs” made. Lollipops, stickers and even Frisbees with the company’s name printed on them. It is a great way to attract kids to the booth which would also bring the adults. For the adults, magnets and playing cards with the law firm’s names is a creative way to advertise as well.

Inexpensive or Free Ways to Advertise

Use sidewalk chalk and write the company’s name on random sidewalks around town. Write on white boards, chalkboards, put up on an overhead projector, take up an entire bulletin board or even put up on an easel to advertise the law firm in stores, restaurants, schools and office buildings. Build company profiles with Twitter and Linkedin. Turn fliers into paper airplanes and throw them into classrooms in universities. Leave notes on college students’ backpacks. Hang advertisements from beaded or candy necklaces and pass out for people to wear.

As you can see there are a lot of different creative options for advertising a law firm whether it’s by posting fliers, hosting an event or setting up a booth or even putting your name around town in creative ways like writing it on sidewalks with chalk.

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