Decor Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

July 22nd, 2016 | by Cristina Nika
Decor Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

Working in a cubicle might make you feel suffocated and claustrophobic at times, especially if you have no chance to personalize your small space. It is going to be necessary to add a personal touch, especially if you want to ensure that you can give your best when working. Remember that you should focus on decoration to make you feel more at home, not to overstock your small space. After all, your goal is to increase efficiency and not to create clutter.

What Kind of Lights Do You Have?

A cubicle usually means that you do not have much natural light to work with. Even though you probably have overhead lamps providing light, it is vital that you add a few of your own choices. This way, you will ensure that you have enough light to see what you are doing and that you do not feel like you’re in a box.

Get a Better Chair

Your office chair is a vital part of the workspace, and unless it is comfortable to sit in, you will have health problems later on. On the other hand, it could be the centrepiece of your décor, and you should go with a colour and shape that will look great. Otherwise, it might stand out too much, and your cubicle might seem off.

Bring Some Pictures from Home

The cubicle you work in might not have a lot of space to use, but, your walls will be sufficient for hanging a number of pictures. You can get creative and make sure that your workspace will look amazing, but stay functional at the same time. Remember to select only a few pictures because too much could distract you from your work.

Decor Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

Bring Some Green into Your Life

Surrounded by bare walls can feel suffocating, which is why you should bring a plant or two to your cubicle. Before you choose, though, make sure to go with one which will not require a lot of care, but, will look amazing. A plant in your cubicle will provide you with some much-needed clean air, as well as bringing some life into the office.

Make Use of Organizers

There is not much space in a cubicle, and in order to ensure that you have everything in its proper place, without ever misplacing anything, you should use organizers. Furthermore, depending on the shape and size, you can combine it with your existing décor making it better and more enjoyable. Remember to go with colours, which will be soothing and ensure that you do not lose focus.

Decorate Your Walls

Vertical space can be wisely used if you figure out what you need to have in your cubicle. With a slim chance to be next to a window, it is going to be difficult to tell the time. However, browsing through modern clocks online will enable you to find the perfect place to hang a clock in your office space. Be sure to pick one which will match the overall colour scheme, and you will have a chance to see when it is finally time to go home.

Get a Small Fridge

Instead of having to stand up every time you need something from the kitchen, you can have a small fridge installed in your cubicle. They are perfect as they will fit into small spaces and offer just enough room to chill your drinks or food on a hot day. On the other hand, they will look amazing in your cubicle, adding a charm to your workspace.

There is a plethora of ways to make your cubicle feel more like home, but, you should not get overwhelmed to use each and every one as you might end up with clutter. Be sure to choose only what makes you feel more relaxed and focused. Clean out anything that would be limiting your already scarce space, to be able to work flawlessly.