Efficient Relocation: 5 Tips For Your Company’s Move

December 18th, 2013 | by Anica O
Efficient Relocation: 5 Tips For Your Company’s Move

Moving an entire office can create a lot of different costs. Not only do you have to pay moving costs, but there can also be the costs associated with lost productivity. To reduce the chances of losing money on your office move, there are some steps you can take that will result in a more efficient relocation.

Use This as a Chance to Upgrade

If you have been considering upgrading your company’s primary productivity software, or investing in new equipment in your production area, then a move is the ideal time to make that upgrade. Since you will be uprooting your office and moving it to a new location, you might as well roll in a software or equipment upgrade as well. As you work out the details of how you will operate in your new location, you can also work out the details of how your new systems will work.

Use Professionals to Move Delicate Equipment

Your office move can become extremely expensive if you have to replace the office copier or some other delicate piece of equipment that was damaged in the transition. Instead of taking chances with your expensive equipment, you will want to invest in professionals who are experienced and insured to move the equipment for you.

Use your Move to your Advantage

Customers want to be associated with dynamic suppliers and your move is a chance to make your customers feel special. Market your move as an exciting time in your company’s history and as a testament to the quality products and services that you provide. Describe the positive reasons you are transitioning to a new building (growing staff, updated hardware/software, etc.). You should update your website to reflect the change, as well.

Soften The Transition For Employees

It is inevitable that some members of your staff will be involved in the move, but not every employee will see the new office before the first official day of work. Greet your employees with a bit of a welcoming party and give everyone a couple of hours on the first morning to tour the new facility and become familiar with it. Listen to their feedback about the building and conditions, and remedy any issues right away.

Label Boxes on the Sides

It can seem like a small detail, but it is critically important that you mark box contents on the sides of the boxes and not the tops. The boxes will be stacked in the new office and not having them marked on the sides could slow down the unpacking process by days. You can also label them according to what room they came from or will go to, rather than writing what is in them specifically. Keep each room’s boxes together for faster unpacking.

Moving to a new office is exciting. You may want to rent storage from a place like Extra Space Storage to put office supplies in until you are completely moved. To make the moving experience as efficient as possible, you will want to plan ahead and take all of the right steps.