Enhancing Your Office With Technology

October 27th, 2016 | by James B
Enhancing Your Office With Technology

The critics of the technological advancement we now face claim that it is only making us less social, less intelligent and less interested in the world around us. Unfortunately, what they refuse to see are all the positive sides that it brings. A character from the iconic video game The Witcher claimed that “Progress is like a herd of pigs: the herd brings many benefits, but no one should wonder at all the manure that gets left behind.” From the modern standpoint, this seems to be quite accurate. So, to focus on the positive sides, here are some ways in which you can enhance your office with technology.

More Screens = Better Productivity

One decade ago, if you tried to tell someone that they need more than one screen for their PC, they would probably laugh in your face. Today, however, people working on computers know just how much of an edge multiple screen provides. Translators, coders, designers and even researchers writing a paper can all benefit from having more than one screen.

Switching between windows in order to see the references may cost you only a second of your time, but do this a few hundred times and you lose several minutes every day. Now, multiply this number with the number of workdays and you will see just how much of a difference this can make. Having two screens is a good start, but there is no need to stop there.

More Pleasant Work Environment

Some technological additions of office gadgets are not there only to make you more effective, but also to make your work more pleasant. For example, getting your employees self-stirring mugs can help them cope with work in the early morning. Additionally, investing in desktop punching ball accessories is far superior option than just buying a bag of stress balls. On the other hand, the aesthetic aspect of your office cannot be neglected. It is known that people better work in order than in chaos.

Motivational Poster

You can also try to keep your staff’s spirits high by hanging few motivational posters around the office. A lot of people decide to go with classic posters captioned with words ‘motivation’, ‘teamwork’ or even ‘believe’. Still, sometimes you might want to think outside of the box and try something different. Why not contact a printing company from Sydney and give them some of your own ideas? A generic picture of a nature, an eagle or a person doing extreme sports is great, but why not display your own office or staff member. Finally, it would be much more effective to come up with your own (industry specific or internal joke-related) phrase that will really have an impact on a personal level.

Enhancing Your Office With Technology

Silence is Golden

When asked about the downside of working in the office, most people listed that there are so many distractions. People are noisy and even unintentionally tend to prevent each other from focusing. Luckily, there are a few ways to deal with this. First, provide enough noise canceling headphones for everyone in the office. Second, get a silent mouse for everyone (yes, there are those that don’t make that annoying clicking noise).

Finally, discourage all non-relevant talk during the work time and urge your employees to communicate to each other via Skype, if possible. You can also move the rest area as far as you can from the office, since you don’t want people on the break to distract those who are still working.


Even though most of these tech innovations are not expensive, they can definitely take your effectiveness to a whole new level. Not only are they doing a world of favor for each individual member of your staff, but in this way, also improving the overall productivity of the entire office. The benefits of enhancing your office with technology are definitely worth considering.