Essential Tips For Businesses When Choosing Recruitment Agencies

August 15th, 2015 | by KadyK
Essential Tips For Businesses When Choosing Recruitment Agencies

For the modern business looking to make the recruitment process as simple and efficient as possible, the online recruitment agency can be nothing short of a godsend. Playing a key role in finding, vetting and gaining access to fantastic applicants across multiple industry areas and sectors, these agencies can transform what would otherwise be a long-winded and expensive process into a breeze.

That being said, however, it’s not as simple as just choosing a recruitment agency at random and then sitting back and hoping for the best. According to the team behind the differences from one recruitment agency to the next tread that very fine line between huge and terrifying, which is why it’s of crucial importance to be proactive when it comes to the search and selection process.

So for the business that’s made the decision to side with a recruitment agency, what should be kept in mind when deciding who to side with?

1 – Specialism or Focus

Well, first and foremost, it’s of crucial importance to look into the matter of whether the recruitment agency focuses on one specific area, or is more generic in nature, thereby offering more of a focus on other areas instead of just one. While many recruitment agencies focus on a smaller range and on one area alone – IT, overseas opportunities, medicine etc – there are those that focus on multi-sectors and allow for more of a scope when recruiting for clients in different areas – so it’s crucial to make sure the agency you choose covers the area you’re in.

2 – Vetting Processes

In terms of candidate vetting, every recruitment agency has its own unique take on what it means to vet candidates before presenting them to clients. In some cases, little more is asked for than a CV and the person’s contact details. By contrast, others will undertake a much more in-depth and secure vetting process to ensure that those who are applying have already been to some extent screened to ensure they’re the real deal. It again all comes down to what’s needed by the company in question, so it’s always best to be aware of this.

3 – Seek References

You’d like to think that you won’t be the only business that’s considering working with this recruitment agency…unless of course they’ve only just gone into business. Assuming this isn’t the case, you might wish to speak to another business that has used their services in order to find out how good they are at doing what they do. The recruitment agency should be more than happy to put you in touch with its clients, which in itself is a strong sign of their confidence or invite you to view their LinkedIn pages for recommendations.

4 – Capacity

Bear in mind that there’s a very big difference between a business that needs one employee per year and another with an employee turnover of about a thousand workers per month. Suffice to say, these are the kinds of demands that cannot be satisfied by all recruitment agencies. It’s not always made entirely obvious as to what their capacity is, which means it’s a good idea to ask about it outright if it could be a concern for your company.

6 – Guarantees

Last but not least, if you plan to sign up with any recruitment agency that charges a fee for what it does, you need to ask about what kinds of guarantees are in place. It’s all well and good to be let down or generally give poor service when signing up for a free deal, but if there’s to be any money changing hands, you need to make sure it’s covered. Ask them outright what they can guarantee and what will happen if you find yourself dissatisfied – unless of course it’s made clear in their initial pitch.