Five Top Social Media Advertising Trends That Really Works

December 10th, 2013 | by MariaJohnUK
Five Top Social Media Advertising Trends That Really Works

Social media advertising plays a huge role to help online businesses and companies to thrive. More people are spending time and money on this kind of advertising due to its effectiveness and popularity. However, there are numerous social media strategies that are effective today that people are getting more confused of what really works best. If you’re going to look at the trends in social media advertising, social media companies are in great competition to offer the top online strategies for their clients. Here are the top five social media advertising trend that are proven to be real effective in boosting up web rankings and increases traffic to websites.


The Popular Facebook Video Ads
The most famous among the social media networks today is the Facebook. Most online businesses thrive on getting more Facebook likes and posting social media advertising. The latest trend in Facebook marketing strategy, however, is the ongoing popularity of Facebook Video Ads. It has been proven again and again that nothing beats the power of video advertisement as the TV ads. So, the experts have developed and made video advertisement available on Facebook to create a great wave and impact to the online crowd. This trend is getting more famous as more people are using this strategy to increase in web ranks and increase online presence.

The Twitter Sensation
Twitter had a great year last year and it’s getting more attention from the online crowd lately. The convenience that Twitter have offered the online social media is incredible. Now, online businesses and personalities have greater chances to reach more people using Twitter. You can generate leads to increase online popularity just by a posting, reposting, and using hashtags. It’s incredibly simple to use Twitter to announce a certain activity or advertisement than all the other social media sites.

The Growing Google+ Ads
A more sophisticated and professional social media is the Google+. Although, there are still more people intimidated to use this certain social site, it’s increasingly popular among the online businesses and corporate staffs. Since Facebook have more friends and distractions, some people opt to use Google+ as a refreshing start in social media. While this idea is getting better for the people online, the popularity of Google+ community is also growing. After some time, Google+ is expected to grow as Facebook and Twitter have also grown and social media companies are seeing this as a good start for developing ads for Google+ today.

The Pinterest Community is Interesting
As people becomes more visual in social media advertising, Pinterest are climbing up the ladder of social media success. More people are adapting to the visual advertisement that certain companies have created. Most of the online crowd say that visual marketing are more interesting to view online without having to listen to it ramble about something they don’t even want o hear. It has captured many of the people’s attention, because of its simpler yet convincing advertising strategies than those ads we see on TV.

The Youtube Video Advertisement
This Youtube social media community will never die. After so many years of service to the online people, Youtube is getting more credits as security is tightened for the safety of the people online. Social media advertising, social media companies, and the online businesses they serve still trust the power of the Youtube videos they are working on for reaching more people and prospect customers in the future. More and more advertising is set online today, you only have to make your strategy more interesting so you can reach your target online crowd.


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