From Start To Finish, Setting Up A Business In Dubai Is Easier Than Ever

November 6th, 2016 | by Neha C
From Start To Finish, Setting Up A Business In Dubai Is Easier Than Ever

Setting up a company in Dubai is becoming extremely popular, in part because it is such a modern and vibrant city. Today there are organisations that can help you set up nearly any type of business in Dubai, and they offer step-by-step assistance that provides the results you want and need. Regardless of the type or size of business you wish to set up, these organisations can help you make sure that no “t” is left un-crossed and no “i” is left un-dotted so that you can be assured that when your business is ready to open and operate, nothing will go wrong. From the initial conception to the final important step, these organisations can assist you from beginning to end so that when you are ready, your business can operate in a stress-free environment.

What Do These Organisations Do?

Organisations that help set up businesses in Dubai know the ins and outs of all laws and regulations for both foreign and domestic business owners. They can help with basic company formation, human resources and recruitment of personnel, and management consulting so that in the end, your team of workers is one that can easily move the company forward. From beginning to end, their consultants will make sure that everything runs smoothly and they offer the advice and assistance you may need at any step in the process. In Dubai, there are three main types of businesses that can be set up, and these include:

  • Offshore companies, which must be located and operated outside of the UAE
  • DED/mainland companies, which are commonly called LLCs and must be formed with a majority-owning UAE national
  • UAE free zone companies, which can be 100% foreign-owned and are therefore attractive options for overseas investors

When it comes to a company setup in Dubai, it is easy to see why this option is so attractive to both national and international business owners. The organisations that help set up your business will also assist you in areas such as license activities, license types, and license legalities and help you understand exactly which type of license you may need. They also help with aspects such as obtaining and submitting the proper documents, setting up bank accounts, and finding the right business location, among other things. All of this together ensures that you will not forget anything important while you are setting up your company.

Some Services Are Free

Even if you are merely thinking about setting up a company in Dubai, it is a good idea to speak with a consultant at one of these organisations. Many of them offer free consultation visits that allow you to receive information regarding processing of visas, the costs of their business setup services, and exactly what they can do to help you. Whether you are still in the thinking phase, or already have your business plan and your financing completed, these organisations can provide the assistance you need so that in the end, your newly formed company can be a success.