Get Your Managers On The Right Track

August 22nd, 2016 | by Neha C
Get Your Managers On The Right Track

Whether you’ve had trouble in the past or you simply want to avoid trouble in the future, you probably know the importance of good management. Good management can take a long time to acquire, and if you’ve hired new managers, the chances are these professionals might need some advice, help, or even suggestions on how to manage in your organisation. Managers should be flexible, adaptable individuals that can implement new strategies quickly in order to maximise efficiency in their management efforts.

If you are looking for some strategies to share with your manager, or you simply want to find some ways to help them, this article will cover both goals. Following are some recommendations for how to get your managers on the right track.

Try a Training Course

Even though you might have a wealth of information, your role as the leader of your organisation makes you very busy. Because of this, you might want to outsource management training to an agency that specialises in corporate training for managers of all kinds and levels. You can look for courses that suit your managers’ needs by looking online for different corporate training courses. These courses are designed to get your managers on the right track for you without the stress of micromanaging your own training curriculum.

You can sign your managers up for some training courses that they can take online, or attend in person depending on the options. You can incentivise this training by letting them know their jobs will be easier to perform once they’re equipped with the right tools.

Encourage Positive Reinforcement

New managers might get frustrated when an employee fails to perform up to expectations. There might be several factors leading to poor performance, and sometimes it’s not the employee at all, but the manager. You should be aware of this issue, especially if it’s happening in your organisation. Sit down with your managers and instruct them to set clear objectives for their employees, and reinforce guidelines positively. Employees who want to succeed always respond better to positive reinforcement. You should encourage your managers to incentivise good performance with incremental pay bumps or little bonuses, monetary or otherwise.

Encourage Increased Communication

Lapses or breakdowns in communication can lead to halts in work and even unwanted conflict. While conflict resolution is part of your job and theirs, it doesn’t mean conflict is always unavoidable. Communication actually minimises conflict. When expectations and goals are clear, there is less chance of failure. Higher success rates of projects and general daily tasks usually decrease the risk of conflict. All of these factors are connected, but they all start with communication.

Sit down with your managers and encourage them to talk openly with their employees. Your managers can opt to request short reports from the employees, or simply have a chat with them every day or so to check in and make sure there aren’t any problems. In doing this, you’re actually increasing communication with the managers themselves, and can check in on them as well to make sure they’re opening communication lines.