Getting Your Used Car Ready For Sale

January 29th, 2017 | by James B
Getting Your Used Car Ready For Sale

Are you getting tired of your old and shabby-looking ride? Surely right now you must be considering ways to sell it and whether to buy a new one. But first, it seems that there are several things that need to be done to make the car look sellable. And what if you could pimp your ride and sell it for more than its value? In order to help you, we have made a list of ideas how to repair your rusty can with the least effort and earn as much as possible.

Make it look buyable

The first thing a buyer will look at is the exterior of the car, more importantly –paintjob, windows, rearview mirrors, etc. Therefore, you will have to ensure the car has no bumps and scratches, so that you can present it as a well-preserved used vehicle.

This will definitely give you leverage to haggle for a higher price. You can get your car detailed for 100$ – 200$ which can potentially increase its value up to 400$. Detailers can take care of all the scratch marks on your lights and windows – not just the paint. However, aside from making it look buyable, you have to know when is the right time to sell it, as timing is everything.

Replace some of the interior items

Ripped floor mats and seats can really put off a buyer from purchasing your car. Even worse, this seemingly minor flaw can significantly decrease the value of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want people to see you as a responsible and devoted car owner, make sure you replace it all with the new stylish ones. Additionally, you can make the car’s interior more appealing by getting it detailed, as well. With a little help, you can make your car look brand new, or if you consider yourself to be fairly handy, you can do it yourself.

Get it fixed

car repair

Above all else, it is important that your car is in working condition. If you have trouble starting it, then it is imperative to get it serviced. Make sure you get rid of as many issues as possible before putting it for sale – you don’t want an angry buyer suing you for fraud.

Furthermore, see to it that the oil is changed and that the tank is topped up. If you had a certain price in mind, but the cost of repairing it is higher than you initially expected it to be, then consider fixing smaller problems and leaving the rest to the buyer.  But, if you can pay for a 50,000-60,000 mile service, you can potentially earn twice as much you’ve spent once you sell the car.  

Keep a track of the changes you’ve made

If you can show potential buyers the history of changes you have made to the car, they will certainly trust you more with their money. If you don’t want to keep all the receipts, at least ensure that you can present the buyers with some form of confirmation that you have made certain adjustments to the car.

Get your car seen

The last part of your journey should be promoting your car. Takes few fabulous photos and post them on your social media profiles and kindly as your friends to share it and to put in a good word for it. You will need to take pictures of the front, rear and both sides of the car. Additionally, take a few snaps of the interior. Don’t be afraid to show off all the amazing changes you have made.

In the end, we can clearly see that it doesn’t take too much effort and money to revive your old car and make it presentable to buyers. Remember all the great moments you’ve spent with the car, and know that now someone else will get that same chance as well.