Going Guerrilla to Promote Your App

February 23rd, 2018 | by James B
Going Guerrilla to Promote Your App

Creating a perfect marketing campaign that will leave your audience breathless is not only difficult, but also very expensive. Even if you end up going for a relatively cheap campaign, the chances are that this isn’t your first try, and that you’ve already tried out a couple of strategies that ended up losing you money. In truth, an awesome promotion isn’t necessarily expensive; all you need to do is be innovative and creative – the qualities that every aspiring entrepreneur should already possess.

Guerrilla marketing is a bit out-of-the-ordinary method that presents perhaps the most innovative marketing method out there. Unconventional as it is, this marketing strategy will help you promote your app and engage your audience! Interested? Here’s how to get things rolling.

No way around the Internet

Let’s get one thing straight: if you want to start your marketing campaign offline-only, you’re probably already done for. Every single modern marketer uses the power of the Internet to get their marketing campaigns and promotions out there, so why should you be an exception? Avoiding the online world isn’t brave; it’s ignorant. Of course, marketing is costly, even online.

Well, guerrilla marketing gets the work done both online and offline. Using the social media, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for promotion is far from unheard of. In fact, even if your app has a rock-solid typical marketing campaign and an excellent reputation, chances are that you’ll be missing out by avoiding going guerrilla online.

The options are really endless: viral videos, creative ads, contests with the purpose of creating buzz for your app, but also content, such as blog posts and digital publications. The Internet is also useful for researching your leads – get to know them better and you’ll know exactly what to do most of the time. Use this information to leverage the surprise element, which is exactly the very foundation of guerrilla marketing.

Public promotion

So, we know that guerrilla marketing is a cheap, a bit out of the ordinary way of getting your product’s (in this case app’s) name out there; but what is it really? Well, in simple terms, the essence of effective guerrilla marketing is entertaining the crowd, while pleasantly surprising them. Yep, you are going for the ‘wow’ effect. For instance, an example of a good guerrilla public stunt for your app would be coming up with a street performance or some sort of a stunt that’s relatable to what your app does and that will grab your audience’s interest.

Naturally, market research is essential here, seeing as how you’ll have to find the hotspot(s) that the crowd you want to pitch the app to (your niche audience) hangs out at.

If successful, however, your street stunt/performance will leave everyone breathless, and more than happy to take your promo material and scan those QR codes. Opt for quality and creative bulk T-shirt printing to make sure that you and your team are neatly dressed, and so that you can give out cool promotional freebies.

There you go! Your app’s name is out there – people are Googling it and even taking part in word-of-mouth marketing!

Take it to the streets

…quite literally – guerrilla marketing methods are often unorthodox and very creative. Sure, promoting your brand publicly through stunts and interesting live events is one thing, but there should still be room for actual advertisements, and guerrilla marketing is a well that’s full of ideas. In fact, one huge name often resorts to this type of marketing, and it’s incredibly effective at it, despite how big their brand is; we’re talking about McDonald’s – in marketing terms, they are very flexible.

Graffiti, sceneries created out of street environment, using the architecture for clever advertising, this is all called guerrilla marketing, and with little effort and creativity, you can get your app out there. The best part: coming up with these is incredibly fun!

Disclaimer: the authorities see the line between street art and vandalism as a very blurry one, so make sure that you’ve contacted all the proper channels before actually taking it to the streets.

Innovation, creativity and affordability are what guerrilla marketing is all about. The sky is the limit… Well, actually your imagination is your limit, but you probably have more than enough of it to get your niche crowd interested. When it comes to guerrilla marketing, thinking outside the box is the name of the game.