Growing Your Team: 6 Tricks To Hiring The Best Employees

May 14th, 2014 | by Annette H
Growing Your Team: 6 Tricks To Hiring The Best Employees

Getting the best employees for your company is vital to your growth and success. You want your business team to have a vibrant group of workers who enjoy what they do, possess a great work ethic and bring new ideas to the table. Here are some ways to get the employees you deserve.

1. Check Carefully for Qualifications

Before you get ready to hire a potential employee who seems perfect for the job, check their qualifications. Look over their resume carefully and see how his or her past job experiences apply to the position you’re offering. Make sure they have the educational degree and essential skills to perform the job well. You should also look at possible employment tax credits to see if any of them would fit. “Employ inclusive screening practices that help identify tax credit opportunities in multiple categories,” explains

2. Contact References

It might be tempting to skip a few references here and there for some positions, but don’t let that hinder your process. Check out every reference your job applicant provided. You want to find out how this potential employee handles him or herself on the job and faces challenges at work.

3. Hold more than One Interview

You can never be too sure about a candidate when a job you’re offering carries a great deal of weight in your company. The more important the job is to your business, the more interviews you want to conduct with your potential employee. For management positions, make sure you hold two or even three interviews with your final applicants.

4. Committed to the Cause

You want to identify job applicants who are committed to their profession and the mission of your company. An applicant who has performed similar work tasks before and has a history with a company providing similar services or products shows dedication.

5. Can Fit in Well with the Group

Every company has a particular work culture that’s unique. When you’re searching for potential applicants, get to know the candidates in the interview as well as you can. Ask some questions that allow him or her to speak about her passions and dislikes. Make sure their attitude and personality can mesh with the company.

6. Shows an Opportunity for Growth

You want to hire a candidate who shows that they want to grow in your company. Look for candidates who go above and beyond in their previous jobs. Job applicants who look for opportunities to help the company they work with in every possible way will greatly benefit your business.

Knowing that the candidate you hired for the job has the qualifications, the drive and the determination to help make your company great will serve your business well into the future.

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