Handling Tips For Amateur Warehouse Managers

October 18th, 2017 | by Anica O
Handling Tips For Amateur Warehouse Managers

If you are a beginner warehouse manager, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders to ensure maximum success for the company and the avoidance of accidents in your area. Achieving these goals will require a great deal of effort and time. Managing a warehouse is a multi-faceted responsibility, but you should not worry as there are a few guidelines that you can abide with and deliver the best results. Here are a few handling tips for amateur warehouse managers like yourself.

Prioritize Warehouse Safety

In order for you to minimize or prevent the number of accidents in your warehouse, ensure that it is always kept neat, clean and well organized. All the walkways and aisles should be free of debris or any kind of spills to prevent falls and other accidents. All vehicle ways, pedestrian walkways and inclines ought to be properly and clearly marked. You should maintain adequate lighting in all areas of your warehouse to ensure that all your employees remain aware of all their surroundings at all times. All light bulbs should be replaced immediately they go out and there should be no dark areas in the warehouse. Ensure that all your employees are well trained on the general warehouse safety practices to reduce the number of accident cases you will have to handle.

Enforcing Safety Regulations

Warehouse safety regulations are meant to help prevent chances of employees sustaining injuries thereby depriving you the availability of skilled labor. You should enforce all the safety regulations that apply to your warehouse by erecting visible signs in appropriate areas and mete out adequate punishment to employees who flout them. You should not make any exceptions to any person found flouting the safety regulations in order for your employees to adhere to them in totality. Ensure that you have educated all your employees on the importance of wearing protective gear like safety goggles, hard hats, heavy gloves and special boots.

Ensuring Employees Using Mechanical Equipment Are Well Trained

Ensure that all your employees handling mechanical equipment like forklifts, lifters, loaders, order pickers, etc., are well trained to use them. All these employees ought to be duly certified and licensed through a company like Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre before you allow them to handle the mechanical equipment. You should ensure they are properly trained on ways to identify hazards, take care in their working areas and follow safety protocols. Ensure that their certifications and licenses are valid.

Managing Your Warehouse Employees

In order to run a warehouse smoothly, you should listen and respond well to your employees courteously. You can implement an open-door strategy for all your employees with any suggestions or comments. You will be able to deal with any employee issues or complaints long before they graduate to serious problems. When it comes to hiring new employees, ensure you go for well qualified candidates who will be capable of being professional and skilled enough for their jobs.

Final Thoughts

An effective warehouse manager is expected to uphold the business principles, guide staff, conduct inventory control and deal with all logistics for the company. You should refer to all the above important tips that will help you in streamlining all the warehouse activities. This will in turn ensure the overall productivity of the company.