Help With IT: 4 Great IT Resources For Your Business

September 28th, 2016 | by Anica O
Help With IT: 4 Great IT Resources For Your Business

Your company may feel compelled to keep up with the latest technology developments in order to stay competitive, but this can lead to a costly cycle of constant upgrades. Fortunately there are resources available that help you avoid this while still keeping up to date.

1. Outsourcing App Development

More companies are facing development issues as they turn to mobile apps. The huge and still-growing community of mobile device users is too important not to be explored as a marketing and service channel. But few smaller companies have the resources for developing quality apps. The cloud lets you discover and contract with any number of specialized developers from all over the world.

2. Online Training

The new standard for training employees and orienting new hires is e-learning. Interactive screens, video, and even virtual reality can provide engaging learning experiences that bring employees—or executives—up to speed quickly. E-learning solutions save time and money. An employee can sit at a computer to become familiar with an expensive piece of machinery and its operation before taking on the real thing. This maximizes performance and minimizes mistakes to save you money.

3. Managed Services

Helping companies to fulfill their IT demands has led to the growth of a new industry. Managed IT services in Ottawa and elsewhere can provide a full range of IT services. This includes server support, help desk, system design, project consultation, cloud services, security, and many other essential IT functions. Typically they are contracted on a flat fee basis which also allows you to scale up or down according to needs. These services make it easier to budget around IT expenses while eliminating constant investment in your own infrastructure.

4. HR Management

The most expensive and most difficult-to-manage aspect of business is also the most important—your employees. HR managers face a dizzying task in hiring, payroll, benefits, relationships, and regulations for even a small staff. HR software has proven to be an invaluable tool that makes all this more manageable through shared documents and web-based interfaces. Features may cover payroll administration, personnel files, benefits tracking, and much more to reduce the HR burden.

Staying current with technology is not as difficult as it may seem, but choosing the right technology to fit your company needs and budget is a different problem. With a little investigation, you should have no trouble in finding a resource to meet your IT needs.