Hints On Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Business

June 9th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Hints On Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Business

Having a pleasant environment to work in is crucial when business facilities are in question. If you thought about ways to accomplish this, the installation of a HVAC system for commercial use is a solid starting point. This will provide you with the optimal indoor temperature throughout the year. Begin with searching for the right size and type of machinery, but above all, hire the client-recommended seasoned professionals with great ratings.

The Right Type

The main type of HVAC setup used for commercial purposes is the packaged unit. These are fairly large, single-compartment systems that contain all the cooling and heating components inside. Packaged units are commonly put up on the roofs to enable easier access and damage protection from vandalism and theft. These rooftop systems are technicians’ favourite as they are characterised by high accessibility and undemanding maintenance procedure.

Another example of HVAC technology that’s becoming popular in commercial settings is the modular variant. These modular devices stand out from the crowd due to their flexible nature. Their usage can be limited or expanded according to the owner’s wishes.

For instance, if one of the offices is currently unoccupied, you can turn off the cooling/heating for this room. Alternatively, if your company is growing and you’re spreading to a few more offices on the floor, simply add as many extra units as you need.

Hints On Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Business

The Size

The matter of size is fairly important in selection of the business HVAC units. If you opt for a too small or a too big of a system, the comfort of your working space will definitely be compromised, claim Sydney-based commercial air conditioning specialists. Excelling at the sizing aspect is not only dependant on the square footage. Other factors to pay attention to are the occupancy level, ductwork system design, floor layout and heating and cooling loads.

These are some of the main elements, but to get all the important details and tweaks settled, cooperate with the professionals on the project of installation. Only they can get the best measurements and expertly assess the situation and size requirements.

Tips on Choosing a HVAC Contractor

It’s not all about introducing the best HVAC system, it’s also about who’s installing it for you and how. After all, the undisturbed comfort of your business activities is at stake, so leaving it in the hands of amateurs is inadvisable. Let’s go through two main concerns you may encounter on your path:

  • Where to find the HVAC contractor?

Answer: Firstly, check with the national and local association of AC contractors. They usually have a huge database of trusted professionals and firms in any corner of your country. Also, you can get an insight of their previous track of work and client referrals. Next, you may want to browse other sites that offer contractor rating and great detailed reviews. Lastly, nothing works better than the word of mouth and recommendations from the closest family and friends.

Hints On Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Business

  • What about the paperwork?

Answer: Your contractor has to own a state or county issued license that shows he has passed all the technical exams and has a certificate to perform the installation and handle the upkeep. Ask them to present their credentials on the first visit. Another thing to consider is securing your project with surety bonds against unfair manoeuvers. Finally, the contractor’s insurance is a vital element you need to cover.

To ensure a smooth sailing in your business routine on a yearly basis, a commercial type of HVAC systems is a mandatory investment. Employ this guideline to get your perfect fit.