Hints On Making An Office Environment More Pleasant

June 27th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Hints On Making An Office Environment More Pleasant

A rigid and sterile office interior is not the most suitable setting for a large number of the people in the business. Even though some scientific studies mention that strictly business-oriented, less adorned spaces are just the thing to get people in the working frame of mind, it’s not only a non-ideal solution for everyone, it can even be limiting and counterproductive.

If you’re sensing your business environment is lacking creative touch, and it has a dulling and burdening effect on your or your employees, it’s about time you take some measures to correct it. Learn how to customise your business quarters and make it more laid-back and stress-free.

Bring Out Your Artistic Side

The barren business décor often fails to fulfil the needs of many working people. If you’re running a department that requires a certain degree of creative input or you’re working in an office that allows some personalisation, get involved and do some arty remodelling.

For instance, you can put up the canvas replicas of your favourite paintings. This will not only provide a richer stimuli for the workers, it will also minimise the echoing effect and lower the noise levels.

Alternatively, you can allow some of your colleagues to contribute with their artwork, if they have the knack for it. Personalisation can be a powerful driving force that maintains a constant flow of inspiration.

Hints On Making An Office Environment More Pleasant

The Importance of Fresh Air

First and foremost, an office that’s not properly aired is thoroughly off-putting for the residents and visitors of the room alike. Moreover, the studies are showing that working in offices with stale air can halve the employees’ productivity by inducing headaches and affecting their concentration. In the extreme cases, lack of oxygen can even cause serious brain damage.

Although occasional old-fashioned airing is prescribed, making it your sole go-to method is not the most efficient solution. The busy hours and outside noise will make it impossible to keep a regular schedule of airing, and this method often doesn’t suffice in large spaces.

To prevent these in due time, commit to performing regular AC maintenance and repairs and ensure your office is properly ventilated at all times, advise at Apex Airconditioning. Investing in an all-around air conditioning solution can boost the comfort levels and tend to the entire company building.

The Benefits of Natural Light

You have probably experienced the effects of seasonal mood disorder in the winter period. To treat it, the natural light therapy is the obligatory element of the patients’ betterment. The business people can be faced with the same syndrome if their work post is not receiving enough sunlight on a daily basis. When paired with enclosed space and pressing tasks, the ill-lit office environment can lead to significant drop of productivity.

The verdict goes: set aside the curtains whenever possible and expand the window surface to let the employees soak up as much sunlight as they can.

Hints On Making An Office Environment More Pleasant

Decompression Station

The long, tough days can take a toll on us, and we could all make use of a safe haven, a meditation nook of sort to keep us grounded and sane. Dare to break from the common business setting and introduce some informal elements to let the employees decompress in a time of need.

This could come in a form of refreshment corner with lazy bags, or a foosball table in the company kitchen. A fun break with a tasty treat and a cup of spring water can make a huge difference for the employees’ energy and motivation.

The Power of Greenery

The less is more concept is often applied to the business premises, and in majority of cases, this works splendidly for clutter minimisation and neat look. However, there are some accessories that deserve a permanent position by our desk or on it – the plants.

Numerous studies have proven that the presence of potted greenery (a natural element) can foster productivity and raise the overall happiness levels by a whopping 15%. Admittedly, implementation of foliage will require regular upkeep, a minute concern compared to the benefits it brings.

The office may need very little to be transformed into a pleasant working space. A touch of green, warm sun rays and plenty of fresh air can masterfully enhance the working conditions.