House Hunting Season In Delhi NCR!

November 18th, 2015 | by Alice Aires
House Hunting Season In Delhi NCR!

This is the time to buy properties in Delhi. The Delhi and the NCR market have opened up like never before. The reason why it has opened up like never before is because the markets have been slow in the past few years and there have been changes in perceptions amongst both buyers as well as sellers. For example, the focus of the market has shifted towards the end users and no longer are the builders dictating terms. There are a number of factors that have affected the growth of the property business in the city. Most of them are related to the macro economic conditions in the country and they have become favourable enough to make the end users considerably interested in property in Delhi and NCR.

What Has Led To The Shift In The Market?

The market shift in favour of consumers has been the result of the recession that had crippled the nation and scuttled the property sector. The recession in turn was the result of the global economic crisis and its impact were seen only later on in the country. Overtime, the city had become one of the most important centres of property development. However Delhi has always been crowded and the property demand here is invariably high. Therefore the expansion of the property markets has started to cover grounds in the peripheral parts of the city. There are a large number of projects that are currently being developed in the peripheral parts of the city. The establishment of these projects has been the result of the new opportunity that has surfaced in the markets. The best part about the suburban regions is that in a lot cases, they blend with the suburbs of the National Capital Region cities. Therefore the development between two cities seems seamless.

The new project development combined with resale properties in Delhi have now started to sell. The year 2015 came with an upmarket swing. The overall industrial growth has improved and the RBI has now slashed the repo rates a second time. Over the years, the city has been known to be one of the most promising destinations for residential investment. This is the reason why there is a rise in demand for flats in Delhi. The time is perfect because the property values will only appreciate from here on. The growth is considered to be sustainable and hence anyone investing in a house in the city now will not be able to garner immense profits from the new property markets.

How To Search For Houses In Delhi?

There are a number of ways to search for houses in Delhi. However one of the most reliable methods is to search via property portal The portal has been designed to offer reliable online services and has come up with a bunch of other property related features that may well be considered to be convenient for the end users. One can find verified property listings here and these listings are accompanied with property details like verified photographs, list of amenities and a number of other features and services.

In Conclusion

All in all, the portal has been known to be one of the most reliable online repositories of information related to housing. It helps end users find what they need.