How Can Businesses Can Save Money On Their Shipping Needs?

June 29th, 2017 | by Anica O
How Can Businesses Can Save Money On Their Shipping Needs?

The costs of packaging and shipping your orders could eat into your company’s profit margin. It is possible to save money on your company’s shipping needs without lowering the quality of service that you are able to provide to your customers. Implement these four tips to reduce the cost of shipping and maintain excellent customer care.

Use a Postal Scale

When your business ships a lot of small to medium-sized packages, consider using a postal scale. A postal scale will give you an accurate weight. This allows you to pay for just the right amount of postage if you ship through the United States Postal Service. Having the weight could also assist you in choosing the least-expensive mailing service.

Recycle Packing Materials

You might want to recycle packing materials when possible. For example, the foam, bubble wrap and other packing materials could be reused until they are worn out. You could consider offering your customers an incentive to return the reusable packing materials back to you. Reusing the materials means that you will not have to keep buying new supplies for shipping your orders.

Buy a Semi Truck and Trailer

If your business ships large, bulky or heavy items, consider buying your own company semi-truck and trailer. Some companies, such as Arrow Truck Sales, know that when you have your own truck, you can deliver heavy items at a much lower cost. For example, if your business specializes in fitness equipment, being able to deliver the treadmills and free weights with your own semi should cost less than using an outside service. You will also retain more control over the shipping and delivery processes.

Purchase Packaging Supplies in Bulk

When you do need to purchase packaging supplies, buy them in bulk quantities. The bulk discount will lower the per-unit cost of packing and shipping orders to your customers. If possible, streamline the types of packaging supplies that you use. To do this, you could use ten sizes of boxes instead of 20. This makes it easier to do bulk orders. You could stick with small and large-size bubble wrap rather than using a variety of cushioning materials.

These tips will simplify and streamline all of your packing and shipping processes. By reducing the types of supplies, getting them in bulk and reusing them whenever possible, you will not spend as much money or time getting parcels ready for distribution. Buying your own semi truck and taking charge of the shipping logistics will also help your business lower costs.