How Much Compensation Could I Get If I Had An Accident On The London Underground?

May 26th, 2016 | by Ryan
How Much Compensation Could I Get If I Had An Accident On The London Underground?

If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own on the London Underground and your accident was no more than three years ago, then you are legally entitled to make a claim for financial compensation.

The amount of compensation you could get from an accident on the London Underground depends on a few different factors. These are:

  • The extent of your injuries;
  • Your estimated recovery period from your injuries;
  • Your prognosis for the future;
  • The acceleration of any pre-existing medical conditions;
  • The financial losses you have sustained as a result of your accident.

How Much Compensation Could I Get If I Had An Accident On The London Underground?

In simple terms, the worse all of these factors are, then the more compensation you can claim. Of course, compensation is not going to turn back time and it may not be enough to get your life back to the way it was, however it is your right to make a claim and get compensation that can aid in your recovery and help you to move on.

How much can I claim?

Without knowing answers to the factors above, it’s hard to provide you with an estimated pay-out for your London accident on the Underground. However, what we can do is provide you with examples of past cases that have been won:

  • £5,000 – Awarded to a lady who tripped on a stairway at Camden Station;
  • £10,500 – Awarded to a man who was struck by a Tube train at Marble Arch;
  • £1,500 – Awarded to a man who slipped on split coffee at Epping Station;
  • £3,000 – Awarded to a lady who trapped her finger in an elevator at Sloane Square;
  • £7,750 – Awarded man who was bitten by a guide dog at Gloucester Road Station.

For slips, trips and falls, the minimum pay-out you can expect is £1,000 and depending on the seriousness of your injuries, this can rise to the tens of thousands of pounds. Slips, trips and falls are by far the most common accidents on the London Underground and law firms and solicitors process thousands of these every single year. Most cases involving a slip, trip or fall are straightforward, but some do require further investigation.

How long will my claim take to process?

Straightforward injury claims (those where liability is easy to ascertain with clear evidence) can be processed in as little as 6-8 weeks.

More complex cases where investigation is needed can take several months. Based on the circumstances of your specific case, your solicitor will be able to provide you with a better estimate. However, you should remain realistic throughout the process, and remember that making a claim requires a process to be followed.