How Taking Photos Of Accidents Can Help Your Holiday Accident Compensation

December 26th, 2013 | by RS
How Taking Photos Of Accidents Can Help Your Holiday Accident Compensation

When you are making a claim for an accident while you were on holiday, just like with any other accident claim, you need as much evidence as possible to help prove your case.  This can be in several different forms such as:

  • Medical reports
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Photos of the accident scene

Why you should take Photos

Because you are on holiday, you are more likely to have a camera to hand, but if not use the facility on your mobile phone if you have one and take as many photos as you can of the accident scene and how you were injured. Any evidence is useful in proving your claim, but photos can be particularly good, the more of them the better.

If you are able to show what caused the accident or how it happened, it makes it much harder for the guilty party to dispute that they were to blame.

The other Evidence

Any other evidence you can gather will be important as well.  Being a holiday destination, you would expect there to be plenty of people around, and hopefully some may witness your accident and be prepared to say so.  If even they are from another country, take their details, including an email if they have one, and the injury lawyers will contact them on your behalf.

Police reports may be compiled if the police have had to be called to the incident, such as for a road traffic accident where most countries involve them because of causing problems for other road users. These reports often apportion the blame so can be vital in proving your innocence.

Many other European Countries

If you have medical treatment in another European country, it is normal procedure for them to give you the results of any tests you have and a report on any treatment they give you. These will form an important part of the evidence for your claim so you should make sure you keep them safe, you will need them.

Making you Claim

When you are ready to claim your accident on holiday compensation you need to make certain you use an expert specialist who understands accident on holiday abroad compensation claims.  It is a specialist subject because of the laws in the other countries that can affect it, and making sure you qualify under the package holiday rules, which specify:

  • At least two elements of your holiday should have been booked through a UK travel agent or company
  • The travel agent, tour operator or their representatives should have been responsible for the accident
  • The injuries you sustained must have been bad enough to need medical attention
  • The accident should have happened within the last three years

If your accident fits these criteria then you should contact a good quality accident helpline that has experienced experts in the field of holiday abroad accidents and injuries, to help make your personal injury claim.